hi john. . Ital omegle Talk to strangers, You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol You: hi john Stranger: dave? You: yes Stranger: dude how did you fi
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hi john

Ital omegle Talk to strangers,
You' re chatting with a random stranger on Omeglol
You: hi john
Stranger: dave?
You: yes
Stranger: dude how did you find me on here?
Stranger: are you just that awesome ofa guy
You: yes
Stranger: sweet man
You: tell me more about you john
Stranger: what?
You: i will follow you for the rest of your life
Stranger: yeah yeah
You: turn around
You: there' s nothing there
Stranger: of course there' s nothing there
You: what is the exact meaning of life
Stranger: awesomeness?
You: screw you
You: i will tell everyone about your incident
Stranger: don' t. do not.
You: why
Stranger: because
You: WHY
Stranger: AND WHY does everyone have to know?
Stranger: It doesn' t have to get out
You: but you have to tell me again
Stranger: no
You: if you dont tell me ill tell everyone
Stranger: i already told you about it dave
You: tell it again
You: and it will stay safe
Stranger: gee: sometimes you literally make no sense
You: so what
You: at least tell me about it again
You: and i wont tell anyone
Stranger: why can' t you just look on the chat log? i
don' t want to type it out again
You: dont be afraid
You: i understand
Stranger: understand?
Stranger: really
You: i know how you feel
Stranger: how do i feel?
You: just tell me one more time
You: and it will stay between us
Stranger: it' s already between us i am not saying it
You: then i will tell everyone
Stranger: i' ll deny everything
You: ill deny your denial
Stranger: i' ll deny your denial of my denial
You: dont be shy to type it out again
You: and it will stay safe
Stranger: how do i know, hm?
You: trust me john
You: we' re bros
Stranger: okay then bro don' t tell anyone and that' s that
You: trust me john
You: i wont tell anyone
Stranger: okay good
You: let it out john
Stranger: fine i' ll let it out in my pillow
You: just type it here
Stranger: too late.. already let it out in the pillow
You: wha
Stranger: it' s gone
You: dont be a bitch
You: just tell it here
Stranger: okay i' ll try and find it for you
You: just type what happened
You: and everything will be alright
Stranger: you' re starting to sound like that voice in
movies that says everything will be alright
Stranger: but it isn' t
You: yes it is trust me john
Stranger: seriously dave i don' t want to talk about it
right now
You: type or telling everyone
Stranger: if we' re bros why would you tell everyone?
You: i make no sense
You: just tell
Stranger: gee: fine i' m not typing the whole thing but i' ll
give key words how' s that?
You: alright
Stranger: okay fine
Stranger: cake. dress. pink. tree. kite. cameras. crying.
birthday. humiliation. disgrace. ruin.. epic. fail. bro.
You: can you type what exactly happened
Stranger: i' m not doing that
You: dont be shy
You: i understand your frustration
Stranger: if you' re so awesome why don' t you just
piece it all together‘?
You: too awesome to do that
Stranger: i forgot, you don' t make sense.
You: why do that when you can do it for me
You: because we' re bros
Stranger: gee:
Stranger: okay you know what
Stranger: fine
You: you have my highest respect
Stranger: i' m never typing it out again, so read carefully
You: thank you john
Stranger: my fourth birthday i got a pink dress in a
package but it wasn' t for me it was for another house
down the block but we didn' t know so I had to whatthe
stupid dress for absolutely no one and then pictures
were taken all over and then of course my kite got
stuck in a tree so i tried climbing up to get it but i got
stuck and there were pictures taken of me crying like a
baby because i was a baby back then okay
Stranger: i' m feeling really displeased
You: do you know what funnyjunk is
Stranger: funnyjunk?
You: yes
Stranger: no
You: alrighty then
You: i have something to tell you too
You: john
Stranger: what
You: not dave
You: some random guy typing hi john everywhere
You: and now you told me averything
Stranger: oh really
Stranger: huh well that' s funny
Stranger: because you know what
You: yes it is
You: what
Stranger: i' m not john
You: no?
Stranger: nope
You: then who are you
Stranger: Shia Labeouf
Your partner has disconnected.
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Submitted: 08/01/2012
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User avatar #1 - slandersalamander (08/01/2012) [+] (5 replies)
So... you spent an entire conversation missing a reference?

That's not very funny.
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