Dramatic and shocking Omegle story. What is there to say? I was lucky and found someone reasonable on Omegle and this happened.. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Ve omegle Holy shit it lasted so Long drama shocking ending
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Dramatic and shocking Omegle story

Dramatic and shocking Omegle story. What is there to say? I was lucky and found someone reasonable on Omegle and this happened.. Q omegle Talk to strangers'. Ve

What is there to say?
I was lucky and found someone reasonable on Omegle and this happened.

Q omegle Talk to strangers'.
Vern chalking with a random stranger on Omegle!
oneman to dim:
Do you get a weird feeling when someone
on TV shares the same name as you and
acts like an idiot?
Stranger: hah, never
You: Always
Stranger: Whats your name
You: You, apparently
Stranger: No way
Stranger: mine too!"
You: Oh gawd
You: We gotta get to know eachother
Stranger: We must be soulmates
You: oh god I' m so amazed right now this is the best
day evar
Stranger: Where do you live?
You: Omegle o:
Stranger: oh, shame
You: Oh dayum
You: How did we never meet?
Stranger: This is my first time here
Stranger: I moved in from Chatroulette, but the
unemployment there really started hitting me
Yo ' heard about that through word of mouth
Yo . ownded painful
Stranger: I' m sorry Sarah, but I don' t think this is going
to work.
You: Whos Sarah?
Stranger: L. Ifound someone else.
Stranger: Someone I love.
Stranger: His name is Ben.
You: What about me...
Stranger: Sarah, I' m sorry..
Stranger: But Ben and me...
Stranger: We go back
Stranger: He lives with me.
You: Say hi
Stranger: He always has.
Stranger: I think you two met a few times, but I forgot to
introduce you two
Stranger: He doesn' t talk.
Stranger: But Ben has always been there when I feel
You: can be there too!
You: Like right now!
Stranger: But your new job...
Stranger: You spend so much time out..
Yo crew that shit!
Yo he boss was too nice anyways
Stranger: You' re not going to
Stranger: quit, are you?
You: I already have...
Yo . hould I not have?
Stranger: But Sarah!
Stranger: What about little Timmy!
You: You courd' told me about this Ben earlier!
You: And just take him with you.
Stranger: Ben has always been with me!
You: I can' t stand him
Stranger: We are practically insupportable!
Stranger: And thats not what you said when we had
our night together
Stranger: you were more intimate with Ben than you
were with me.
Stranger: But I put up with that. For your sake.
You: It was .just an act.
Stranger: Just an act..?
You: Yeah... To show off, you know?
Stranger: I would have believed that, if it happened
Stranger: But no.
You: I swear!
Stranger: So many nights
You: It was for you!
Stranger: Oh, really?
Stranger: You' re all over Ben, and thats for me?
You: You never cared about me!
Stranger: But..
Stranger: L.
You: I was hoping to get your attention!
You: But naoo...
Stranger: I always loved you!
You: You were still more attracted to HIM
Stranger: What can I say..
Stranger: Ben is, very beautiful afterall.
Stranger: And he is so tall.
You: You take that back!
Stranger: And his muscles are so hard.
Stranger: And hot.
You: You want me to look like him, is that it?
You: is that it?!
Stranger: L.
Stranger: You..
Stranger: I can' t ask you to do that.
You: Of course you can' t.
You: Because you' re just so scared of everything that
doesn' t suit your needs or wants;
You: You couldn' t even support looking at Timmy
because you wanted a girl
You: You were literally scared of him
Stranger: Thats not true!
You: Then why did you always hide in the bathroom
when he' d walk down the hallway?
You: He thought you hated him!
Stranger: L.
You: He' d always cry to me at night because of YOU
Stranger: I dont know how to say this, Sarah..
Stranger: But I never escaped in fear of Timmy.
Stranger: It was..
You: Don' t say anything.
You: I' had enough of you, Henry.
You: I too have already found someone else
Stranger: ..What?
Yo ow does that feel.
Yo ow?
Stranger: Who?
Stranger: L.
Stranger: Well, I don' t know if it matters..
Stranger: We both have found someone else..
You: I guess it' s settled.
You: I' m somewhat happy to have wasted the past 13
years with you.
Stranger: Wasted?
Stranger: Was it like that to you?
You: It is now.
Stranger: I see.
You: I shourd' seen this coming...
Yo . and Bob were always together.
Yo r Ben
You: I don' t even remember.
Stranger: Ben has always been loyal to me.
Stranger: He has never left my side.
Stranger: Not one day.
You: Because you always left without telling me!
Yo . ' d leave me alone with poor Timmy
You: You' d never answer my calls
You: You' d just block me out
You: And then come home in the best of moods until
you saw me again
Stranger: I' m sorry if it felt like that to you.
Stranger: But I had to.
You: What did Ido?
You: What did I do to deserve this?
Stranger: It... It wasn' t you.
Stranger: My boss, Ryan..
Stranger: He made me.
Stranger: He amde me stay long hours.
Stranger: And not for work.
Stranger: Not for work..
You: Why did you neverdead me?
Stranger: How could I?!
You: You made me think I wasn' t good enough for you
all this time.
Stranger: How can a man tell something like that to his
Stranger: His
You: You made me think Iwas useless!
Stranger: Wife
You: To think I quit my job for you
Stranger: I' m sorry, but I never forced you to do that.
You: You' d never come home, you neverhood me why,
so I had to to be able to take care of Timmy
Stranger: But Sarah..
Stranger: How much attention does Timmy need?
Stranger: He is a goran man, for God' s sake!
You: It' s not my fault he has brain damage!
Stranger: But it is mine?
Stranger: is taht what you' re saying?
You: I can see you don' t rememberable accident you
had a few months back...
Stranger: What accident?
You: He was with you.
You: Both of you took off forthe night.
Stranger: But
Stranger: In July?
Stranger: Nothing happened
You: You said you' d just be going fora ride.
You: You ended up spending most of the night at a bar
Stranger: But Ben was with Timmy!
Stranger: he was with him all night, nothing could have
gone wrong!
You: Then how did Timmy end up in the carseat drove
off the Brooklyn bridge?
Stranger: How could I know?
Stranger: We spent the night at the motel, nothing
You: Who else was there?
You: Ben?
You: Was he there?
Stranger: Just me, Timmy and Ben.
You: You must' been drugged.
You: They said Timmy was with you in the car, but they
weren' t sure...
Stranger: I don' t remember what happened, I' m sorry...
Stranger: But what happened was not my fault!
You: I knew Ben seemed suspicious fora reason!
You: I knew it!
Stranger: You don' t mean
Stranger: That he..?
You: I do, Henry.
Stranger: What should we do?
You: There is no other way that you courd' forgotten
that night.
Stranger: But we have no proof!
Stranger: But we have no proof!
You: It was just you, Ben and Timmy that night.
You: Do you remember anything after?
Stranger: L. Everything is so hazy..
You: Exactly...
You: Ben is a bad person, Henry.
Stranger: How could I have been so blind...
Yo have to get used to that fact at some point.
Yo e' s why I had to quit my job.
You: For all we know he' s why your boss made you
work later.
Stranger: L. I remember something...
Stranger: I remember, all those late nights I spent with
Stranger: I saw Ben.
Stranger: I saw him.
Stranger: Smiling.
Stranger: But I thought that was just my imagination..
Stranger: How could it not have been?
You: There' s plenty of reasons why.
Stranger: Oh, Sarah..
Stranger: I' m so sorry.
Stranger: For everything...
You: Have you finally realized your mistakes?
Stranger: Yes..
Yo . hat are you going to do with Ben?
Stranger: I have to get rid of ben.
Stranger: For good.
Stranger: Sarah, go to the kitchen.
Stranger: Grab a knife.
You: This isn' t the time to joke, Hen- oh...
You: That much?
Stranger: I' m not joking.
Stranger: Go get the knife.
You: You sure about this?...
Stranger: Yes.
Stranger: I know what must be done.
Yo . you think so.
You: "runs to the kitchen and brings back a recently
sharpened knife"
You: Here.
Stranger: Ben, I' m sorry.
Stranger: We had a good run
Stranger: But this has to be done.
Stranger: I' m so sorry, Ben.
Stranger: I' m so sorry.
You: "looks away"
Stranger: "stabs Bert"
Stranger: Aahah
Stranger: Ah
Stranger: Sarah..
Stranger: It fucking hurts!
You: Thewhat?!
Stranger: Call an ambulance
Stranger: I' m bleeding!
Yo What happenned?!
Stranger: My dick is bleeding!
Stranger: I think.. Ithink Iactually cutted it off!
You: "Runs to call an ambulance immediately"
Stranger: Oh lord, I actually fucking swallowed a needle
Stranger: I had a needle in my mouth and I laughed so
bad that I actually fucking inhaled it
Stranger: managed to cough it out
You: we had a good run
Stranger: we did
You: This is rare on Omegle these days
Stranger: you wrote better shit than I did
Stranger: haha, yeah
Stranger: I actually created Ben to be the penis
Stranger: all along
Stranger: things kinda evolved
You: So very sly of you
Stranger: WHOA
Stranger: SARAH
You: "rips of wig"
Stranger: WHOA
You: I- Wait, what?
Stranger: "Looks at little Timmy"
Stranger: "little Timmy is a fish"
Stranger: How did i do what.,
Stranger: But Sarah..
Stranger: Little Timmy was always a fish..
Stranger: Always.
Stranger: Ever since I bought him, two weeks ago.
You: I remember spending years tending to him...
You: What did you do to me?
You: What did you give me?!
Stranger: Sarah, you rememberable night me and
Timmy and ben spent at the motel..
Stranger: The drugs he gave me..
Stranger: He never gave the drugs to me.
Stranger: He gave them to you.
Stranger: You overdosed.
Stranger: You almost died, Sarah.
Stranger: You got into a coma.
Yo . can' t believe that!
Stranger: Sarah..
You: No!
You: You' always lied to me!
Stranger: I' m not real. I never was.
You: So has Ben!
Stranger: This is a dream.
Stranger: It all has been a dream.
You: Just... Just leave me alone!
You: "runs upstairs, in tears"
Stranger: I' m sorry, Sarah.
Stranger: I am truly sorry.
Stranger: But now, it is time.
Stranger: it is time to wake up.
Stranger: Wake up, Sarah.
Stranger has disconnected.
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KND gave me self esteem issues, they named a skunk with my name
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Got bored after 5 sentences
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I swear, you guys have massive patience issues. xD
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