DAN. kind of repost. people on 4chan were pretending to be a guy named dan on omegle. this was the best result. It?, til me g Talk to strangers'. You' re chatti
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kind of repost. people on 4chan were pretending to be a guy named dan on omegle. this was the best result

It?, til me g Talk to strangers'.
You' re chatting with E random stranger on mater
You bill! like Tumble
Stranger: Hi
You: oh hat I am den
Stranger: I am also Dan
You: its nice to meet you, do you want to eat small
people with me?
You: I assure you midget tastes just like smurf
Stranger: I would love to
You: thats great
Strange r: Dan who eat together
You: spoon together
Strange r: Stay togehter
You: be together
Strange r: **** eachother
You: cum together
Strange r: **** in mouths togeather
You: eat pa his together
You: and cannibalise short indian women on the
Stranger: No one has a large enough stomach to
down Dans meaty dick
You: aye, my dick still hasn' t felt empty space inside of
tbbt' t' Wtt' ttr
You: I even tried sperm whales
Strange r: I did
You: became quite literal after I was through with it
You: did you you cheecky cunt
Stranger: The one time I ****** your mom them was
Strange r: But dank feel special
You: oh aye
Strange r: Dan ***** everyone mom
You: now that you mention that your mom was nice too
You: didn' t quite have enough room for meaty sir den
Strange r: Anything for you Dan
You: but it fit all the same
You: your sister was also more laddy
You: fine MS she is, tho Slit. -lid use some mote hrse
Strange r: My sisters dead
Strange r: Split in half when she was ****** by dan
You: sorry bout that
You: still the head was nicely prescribed
You: enough for a quick boom of head
Strange r: meant more much these days though
You: yea h, should take it to doctor frankenstien
Stranger: Need to get your fingers in there some how if
you we ht her to use the tongue
You: he' ll give it a good **** but at least she will be
alive for three years
You: oh don' t remind about that..,.. felt so weird
strange r: Not to Mention the teeth
Strange r: All though they all got knocked out on the
first few thrusts
You: quite sure the back ones were taken by
Strange r: Regardless
Strange r: We like getting head from your grandpa
You: yea h, think I caught something from her head...
Strange r: Her tonsils?
You: or from your child
You: yea h, they are stringing around my balls new
Stranger: This has been fun den
Strange r: Dent stop being dan
stranger has .
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Submitted: 04/06/2014
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