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#14 - mrflugafluga (05/12/2013) [-]
#31 to #14 - fourthusername (05/12/2013) [-]
the fact that he re-used an old joke but redrew it and gave it his own captions is a lot better than just reposting the original image
User avatar #30 to #14 - schwerdaddy (05/12/2013) [-]
It's ironic that your pic has a watermark of a site that stole the comic from PBF also
#44 to #30 - kodo (05/12/2013) [-]
your picture makes your every small-font comment look like Gaben whispered it
User avatar #18 to #14 - tonkkax (05/12/2013) [-]
I'm wondering if this is just satire.
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