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#337 - dingdongsingsong (12/11/2012) [-]
i smoked like once and it was 			*******		 awful , whats wrong with you people ?
i smoked like once and it was ******* awful , whats wrong with you people ?
#338 to #337 - anonymous (12/11/2012) [-]
judgmental prick
#339 to #338 - dingdongsingsong (12/11/2012) [-]
im just curious as why anyone would enjoy that
im just curious as why anyone would enjoy that
User avatar #362 to #339 - rieskimo (12/11/2012) [-]
Not quite the way to ask a question if you want an honest answer(even though OP below me did a good job of it).

I'll tell you my story on how I started. So gird youself for a TL;DR.

When I was a youngun' my mom smoked, I hated it and constantly got on her case to quit. As I grew older, for the most part, things didn't change. For some reason though when I was a late teen(16-17ish) I stopped. I got curious about it, a fair amount of my friends smoked. So I tried it. I didn't particularly care for the experience, probably the same as you with the head-rush the upset stomach. However, I felt included. I know it's dumb now, but I've always had a problem with self-esteem.

So I made it adamant to myself that I wouldn't make a habit of smoking but I'd have one here and there. Well, quickly enough 1 smoke every week or so turned into a smoke a day, turned into 2 a day up until I was smoking up to a half pack regularly and a whole pack if I drank alcohol(20 cigarettes in a pack in USA). It was a habit that turned into addiction, a bad and stupid one at that.

All the stress relief and other BS are simply a symptom of the problem. The cigarette relieves stress that it creates, hence the addiction. I quit almost 2 and a half years ago when my best friend's dad(an idol of mine) died because of lung cancer, he just wasted away in front of me and my friend and it was heartbreaking. His death really effected me and gave me the push to really actually try and quit smoking(I had already tried twice and failed).

I understand the hypocrisy of me smoking after hating smoking, **** gets crazy sometimes. Smoking is a bad idea either way, there is no gain from smoking.
#341 to #339 - ikachan (12/11/2012) [-]
Hey OP here, couldn't help but notice this so I felt the urge to respond, at the beginning it is associated with a slight head buzz for those who aren't used to having nicotine in their system, overtime that feeling subsides, however the stress relief associated with smoking cigarettes does not, it remains.

A lot of it is psychological. it is more the habit that is stress relieving. A lot of smokers will as well, note that it aids them with concentration, alertness, relaxation, and other such subjective things.

With all that being said though, I have quit and I'm hopeful to stick to it, I really don't want to smoke again.

Anyhow, if you are still curious, I suggest you take some time to perhaps do a little research on the subject,
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