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#11 - pappathethird
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(03/17/2014) [-]
Oh, I love Über Steffen
User avatar #43 to #11 - satanyan
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(03/18/2014) [-]
knowing someone who is schizophrenic, i can confirm that **** like this happens. ._. said schizo that i know (and try my very hardest to love because he's my brother in law) keeps calling himself jesus and link from loz. and says he helped create the universe... the strangest thing i think he's done so far was the first time he finally snapped. he was standing in front of a grocery store (we were told he was naked which was weird cause he's extremely self conscious, or was...), just giving away a bunch of random stuff. ._. cops took him to the hospital. another very odd thing he did was he stole his sister's car and said he was trying to go to las vegas (nm) to give **** to these people he met in an institute he was at for a week, and he ended up stranded and out of gas in some small forsaken town in colorado. .-. ****** scary.. he has these awful fits of rage, too. he broke his hand during one of these said fits. no lie.. he's always been a bit strange and philisophical but now he's just dilusional.. he keeps making weird concoctions with condoments and shampoos and **** in the bathtub and says he's creating an AI.
#76 to #43 - deckbox
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(03/18/2014) [-]
my neighbor is Schizophrenic, her partner not sure, but they have bouts of hysterical loud screaming fights with banging and smashing , had police round few times etc. but i am in this weird attached house thing, so they are literally in the next room as far as our houses being connected is concerned so i hear it all in stereo. its kinda hard going
#60 to #43 - racistwaffle
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(03/18/2014) [-]
glad i have the paranoid type. that sounds... rough, to say the least.
User avatar #56 to #43 - pappathethird
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(03/18/2014) [-]
wauw. sounds tough