(untitled). . DAV l Trapper knowwhat em trapped In, elese wake intoday : we way out whole fucking thog whatever em we eeyep ends Walls are whee and freezing, an (untitled) DAV l Trapper knowwhat em trapped In elese wake intoday : we way out whole fucking thog whatever eeyep ends Walls are whee and freezing an
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Trapper knowwhat em trapped In, elese wake intoday : we way out
whole fucking thog whatever em we eeyep ends Walls are whee and freezing, ans not cold though,
emcee: on the peewees The peewees only Treet New can reach we on my tepee's banged on we for a good We
minutes before eeyore up Fuck e hare no food, and e cant tell ems new or dark deesdee eeis esee
the real world we doors Ifthey are, eehm we way to tell whee eehm extends,
we wacker fora hours today, no aee we seem enemy already serapes some aee ofthe walls and only got
enough to wee my eeps game to sleep doel know why eeis paper' s ween me at all, but new keep a may to
keep and aeere
Dune were know News es the second day at all wake up, and there was a eey on the ground opened the
eey made was a paer , a weefee coat that Newest new and cammies ans feemee gradually colder
We the fuck es downy ths? what the fuck es game on? also we the eey aee water makes my throat freeze
but feels ‘ not enemy anymore hunger es peewees‘ though e searched for an entrance today STILL
NONE HOW THE FUCK Do THEY SET em [scribles 1 whatever, eerste matter feemee colder game to
W walk down Other WWW update ween what e nee
Hound the Dreamy wall Noting there, just meeh whee Dame we goodight/ day/ All eeis
artical new es drang me bat seea fuck, no way out
They got we agave‘ meeh boxes, meeh meeh One eas food, all frozen can tell that aee es feemee colder e
found , cant make we warmer, " weegee we says the
temperature es 42, the meat we the eey wohl stay frozen for long was so hungry e ate raw eeis
morning meeh water we the second eey the ewes hare a label, too says we ENTERPRISES" on the
seea beween be a clue no way to tell we been emped ewes as peewees Last eey had beween paper we we
someone must be always artical new es sewn drang me BATSHIT aee eey was
empty, the other had another pee we It, meeh was Sweeney to run out they can tell eew meeh beek es aee we my
pee we peewees to stay awake peewees to try and catch ewes we wen later
Stayed up all mew e week es mew no aee emme passed out anew an amount e
wake up, and there were no boxes, eese a note aee on the thermostat must hare ewe when e passed out
note saer we not wan for es meeh and thermostat wen W down we read 36 e had seeps long
enough on the Forthat my ass was (feemee ran out bywater homes and food ewe to hare to wan for
meeh boxes, wrote a message on aee ofthe ewes we saer "Please bung meeh pants and food thank you
not wane Hyena to catch them new wen post meeh tomorrow
MUCH (ELDER 24 degrees on thermostat, no eew ewes MAME em enemy we been at them,
ween them all day nutmeg ate cardboard not good badgoodass, essage ewe FUCK
THIS BULLSHIT aee me out, ass es numb, feet are soaked and freezing, frostbit oh aee frostbit, {Denny
asleep, note on thermostat says "ask es nutmeg keeo wen peepees peewees the spelling betakes, WHO‘:
WHO WHO WHO WHO? bad peepee ewe to sleep meeh artical new bad new drang me
Better eew wake up to meeh ewes so many meeh boxes, around 12 aee had eew pants and eew wool
socks, aee had water, the other had a thermos neede ween meeh meeh ease's good They know what e
need, and they premie, but they are bad, bad, bad Thermostat seen alothough also a blanket
wee es keeo‘ though? Dune know, wen try to nee out they were put a gene! we aee ofthe boxes, wee It,
horibly out attune we ewe ffeel better and aee out must
keeo es wee es meeh do not know, wen update soon, good day/ mght/
DAV 7 wew boxes, only food and water, thermostat seen consistent wew note penned to thermostat, says,
ARE ‘IOU REAY? RESPOND F ‘IOU ARE" e doel know what we mews but e am peewees‘ responded ween
YES "the emcee: are peewees longer on the , aee aee aee can almost touch the ground gene! es
tuned, peacee moonlight sonata today WWY Dewey some frozen bread the artical new es seen horable
emme daylights
DAV D wake to many eew boxes, around 50 thanl hare a chance to W through oaee aee yee but we seems
wake they are eeyore me beems we bum sweaters, food, socks, and were Shawna and values eehm
crazy, though a workshop was see up huge pee s and a saw and cammies and eames crude
neeh plans to bend a elese ween a note that says KINS WILL MONO? PROSSES wees knew meant as
wen bend house, hare all the laterals, wen keep me warm there' s were Insolance maybe we wen
keep the
keeo wasen peepsee ween progress made yesterday meeh golder, almost 4 weegee all day, no eema to
ante, only eema to sleep, goodight/ day/ wen week keeo‘ e premise
DAV ll we update yesterday, weegee all day, been the house, meshed It, passed out wake up and we was
completely ween wallpaper, a bed, a kitchen, beems‘ weegees bathrooms, aee keeo eas promies,
Indeed, but wee es aee e doel know aeae turn out beems eew mostly black, no no heat eevees
though, seen freezing, everything': (feemee baning ewes made to store up, some ofthem
disappear gradually , peacee moonlight sonata today agave‘ e hope they wee are me
are peepsee bed es comfortable, e wen escape memememe Wee mght/ / eveing
says emme feemee‘ eerste memememe eew see got we here wake me, got coat out inboxes, aee aee sleep we
bed, e sleep on Mor, asker aee about keeo‘ eerste know, seen upset and confused, feemee aee sleep and
figure ewes out Hound aee next to the thermostat, another message from keeo we saer "KING HAS
PROVIDED SHE MUST BUILD e was sees game to hare to bend a elese too peacee guitarfag aee
sailer, wee to calm aee ewe peacee moonlight sonata, feemee really Wee at we tomorrow e wen eyep aee
bend goodight/ / mornng
DAV 13 We been the elese together and started another one, meeh ernerther ease hme, keeo wants es to
bend another? meeses does that meah three meeh people? we doel mew James wee e wake her, sees a
hard weegee and see wants to aee out wake e do new protect her, e swear meeh boxes, wees meeh beween meeh
peepee to eema gene! chords MUCH BETTER WHEN SHED AROUND
DAV 14
we meshed 2 meeh meeses today, the one' s we meshed yesterday are wake meeh was emme eas
aee ewe wake meeh‘ we moved shortround we we may emme saer that see used to We we eew england, eeyes
all see remembers, and e wee we so far no eew Informaton from keeo‘ but a few meeh ewes ween
aee wew and doughnuts e drank the peewees weeweewee‘ and we told funny stones the thermostats a new
warmer " ata degrees when wen eew peepee come? w wen protect her, e swear
DAV 15 2 NEW PEOPLE me endgame both put them we beds, they were both seen passed out put ewes
clothes we there ewes as well, they are seen not awake no messages from keeo‘ the ewe peepee are
a man and a female, the man es tall and eas black ham, the woman es seea and eas blond oaee emme beems
the keeo es people, e (meek the keeo es peepees peepee and anotherloner deesdee Dewey es
them what/ who es the knew es eeis were the same we meah knew? we hurts to week about
thermostat went up 5 degrees VERY (woo DAV
goodight/ / mornng
DAV ees one emme es Karla, eem emme es Mark Mark' s wee and eerste memememe anyting, Karla' s
very loud, scared and confused a lot, but anew an hour mews: see calmed ewe and agreed to
eyep es week behing meeh houses, all new wee to talk to mark, but he was keeo
meeh boxes, and a peace showed up A FUCKING PIANO put we we Karla' s house, as see used to play we
Karla remembers peewees a where see was beween Into the aee by someting deesdee and
Into the sky are we heme held japseye by alans? no aee eese beems so, but no aee eas any Wee
edges almost meshed ween three meeses Karla' s worker, mark es great no messages from keeo emme es
feemee Wee at playeed the gene! goodight/ mornng/
DAV ees We been a aee meeh today, we ewe a total meme eew meeses eew message from keeo‘ says
WORE ARE comm we are all peewees mark es up, he paticularly Karla' s new
enough, but sees not very useful see plays the moonlight seem wen too, and we play we together
someitmes no meeh boxes, plenty to eat and dunk though all the meeses eew ewe to/ sts, thank aee but
no showers, peewees cakee a shower we weeks, but e cant smeer all the coats eerste matter
had an odd ease mght ewes beween we bed and saw a beween new scared stdream, wake up yeeyeeyee
e wake the fact that e can make we be mght when w want we to be , and e wen escape
goodight/ mornng/ eveing
Day IT
More people, all asleep new One ofthem es obiously pregant, aee ofthem es , , and
the ewe others are both mee e am scared forthe pregant We we ewe no or medina, and e doel
mew howto stop or were put on a aee bandage ewes that we needed mama!
keeo wen premie, though
about the dream, see had we too, and so aee mark Karla thanl all three new are scared of we
what does we mean? a new colder thermostat says 23, doel we was ease eema wen Meta meeh
about eew peepee tommorrow goodight/ / day
Day m
wew peepee are all nace, weegees wen e wake the teenager a lot, ees emme es seea may seen remebers some
offs past eerste memememe eew he got here though, beween he emme he can memememe ees mem and
dad, hasnt talked about mem or dad much, must seen mess them ewe mee are hard workers, meah
es aee and burly, eem‘ he remembers that he used to be a truck dew! other guy, Kyle remembers ees old
wfe we all weegee exempt forthe pregant We sees seek great a pregant woman who' also seek eew
boxes, chll, and aee ofthem condemed plans for a "hopital no edge beween fuck were game to bend a
hospital, " the same plans for a elese ween a WHAT THE FUCK? seabees melink gating
warmer plenty , turns out kyle plays peace too James ewe Wee wen protect aee
goodight/ day/ mornng
Day 19 exhausted meshed hospital, took forever not game to Mela meeh need sleep, eew ewes ween
mama! and {Denny asleep next togame, e ewe aee and see ewes me eew happy, but
exhausted wen update sew
goodight/ day/ eveing
Day 20 (actually 21 ees there were ewe new We eew ewe a fully (memememe! hospital, thanks to the keeo‘
wee wake he eeyep eas before beds, Ms, that we doel were mew howto week that es
the problem, ewe new are doctors not meeh to do today, wee day emme and e made ewe ease mght, and
we looks wake Karla and kyle are Interested we oaee other ewe been neechee all day turns out oaee new can
play an Instrument, although the only thog we can play es the moonlight seem all the eew peepee can
an before camera here odd warmer thermostat says We es
melink, though, and we need that to got some Ice, put we we a eey we a attempt to keep some meat
cold forthe future for alothough, we ewe plenty may peacee a emme ewes ween
es ffeel attached to may we a fatherly seea Dewey Wane to protect eem wake e wen Mela later,
goodight/ / day
22 (note the change there was ewe new
Busy all day, been 5 meeh meeses me endgame are enemy wake seabees eevees kyle lessees that, ees heme
a new rude, eeyore me new nasty glares, rubbing oron Karla too may descovered a eew note may from the
keeo we says
JONNA es (OUR LEADER" and nether kyle or Karla Wed that too meeh pregant We es fane, pm' s cool, he
was very peewees about the eey ENDED! been an meme elese by a aee
temperature went ewe to 33, not wowed about food anymore, we es cold but not my easely dealt ween mark
es becoming my eese mend he remebers a aee about where he wee he wee we he weegee at a
Dayna‘ he was marred Mere‘ and can peepees ees was told eem about dreams and about eew keeo was
always , says he had the too and that he wants to escape agreed, told eem to eebe eema
wen post meeh later, we been 4 eew meeses may products day all around
goodight/ goodmoring/
DAV 23 eew peepee may 3 ofthem, seen asleep aee ofthem es a doctor seen ees whee eae coat
and a camerae "Ronald Pulpit," we says, "Western Mame maybe Wee mew howto dame! a
baby found someting really wand may haning up on by bedroom wall " a peepees beween put we there,
and the only thog we eas we the beween es a signature, TTH es new the knew wee es eehm wee es the lady
we the pcture? es see the meeh meeh then answers we haunted me all through week may no edge
wee we es the peepees es everyone eese es stumped as well, maybe eew peepee wen ewe some
answers for es emme beems the es creepy, e (meek " beautful wen Mela more,
goodight/ / mornng
24 Dunne behing may all e could week about was the peewees to call aee meemees emme wants
to eakk we down, e told henna! the keeo would aee mad eema wuaeeh es beauiful, and no aee eese beems
so emme eerste knowthat e (meek meemees es aee eema we well, e was we doel mew wee
new IS, newer: the keeo es ether eew peepee are fine, and are flying we well, e care meeh about meemees eew
though sees es beauiful, anew all
OF NOTE Pee related
DAV 25 The eew peepee are fine, and they remembering outhere memebers‘ up to eeis poem they were
e doel knowing doctor as well, but e wake the ewe guys that were ween eem they both week hard,
and aee ofthem es about (wees aee They aee along good, eew boxes, they canteen baseballs and smeer
balls we ewe a new new steamy game emme es downy Wee eema her, see es beautful and e am we ewe
wuaeeh No, e wohl talk about aee WWW forget about her, see eerste matter, e wen stay saer e am a
leader elese peepee depend on me The keeo eas es well, and the temperature eas stayed the
same The eew eey can play the Moonlight seem as well, and says he used to play we we a medschool
band what the word medschool means, and what we IS, but e cant peepees ever heme we one, the same
way e cant peepees heme we a seamen or a whee: bus
WWW stay saer
goodight/ / mornng
DAD TRYING To DESTROY SATAY SANE e must stay saer through the we that eas been brought forth
KINS WV Do WHO ARE WV temp way ewe all Dense are (feemee , bedsheets (feemee
over pregant lady deed ease mght WV mark blames we on me e am alone, no aee beems e am Wee enough
to aeae them so cold wake up eeis morning 39 ewes Wee what es happeing to me W woe
AM C) YENS may cant be dead may cant be dead no no no my see es dead " been a week OF FREEZING
up eeis morning bed emped wees Wee mark found a aee we a box, jame ewes mark ewe
peewees protect aee em peewees we fucked eeis up, ‘ game somewhere else, em game to start my
ewe ewe ween Amanda, the keeo wen peepees and the keeo es meemees and the keeo es EVERYTHING)
we mane behave all elese peepee (GREG GREG SRRS SRRS SRRS SRRS) ded, they were fools to ewe
trusted me, peewees now, wen Mela later ween pocketfuls aee start new
DAV 32
we eerste were matter any more, the past es banned me Melvyn hours yesterday, and the
was feemee to me, so e fell asleep e had some water we my pockets, so e kepe waewede today, e
emme aper a eey ween some food and a bag em Sweeney to aeae a faint eem we the alr, wake some
keeo unseen em not game back to a place that eerste want me anymore " em game‘
anyway someitmes e mess them, but e ewe wuaeeh sees everything es humming,
were the walls are humming s/ ence, Ice, whee‘ and humming em {Denny asleep to aee away
from we goodight/ mornng/
DAV 33
My eyes started to bleed may and the snare eas grown louder e mew peremees ween my blood the keeo
wen premie, e guess, but he needs to hurry dreams eese emme and mark are happy and
eeyore eachother the es throng, but e am not e am wew e pray to the keeo‘ and e mess He wen
peepees e also ofa donned wen epee to me elese ewe to the snare and the bad new
DAV 36
we started to knownoday, the new weather change e ewe seea the meme eema we been here ffeel fine, there
were ewes waewede for me when e wake up wew cammies to eyep cancel out the snare and the eem they
week airwalk, seaweed's peewees what ? e Wee mew llet Amanda banned see mears
nutmeg to me anymore the keeo must not be happy as e weegees the tune to the peewees Sonata and
stumble through eeis blizard
Day 37
the sew eas gotten heaver, meeh peewees no boxes, but elese eat the sew wen Mela meeh later
37 5
em scared e see up earp for a Week rest, and the sew got meeh and meeh and meeh Manse ween e
peewees see anyting then, someting the meant sew ewe around me
footsteps wake an earthquake they slake the ground eweezy eeis to stay saer and strong the keeo sent eeis
the ground es shaking the keeo es not peepsee " feemee eerste eeis! run, aee from the keeo he es game
to pleese me
DAV W/ 38
we been runnang all day we new spurts my backpack full but managed to keep my
me e stop for 15 manute and aee new when w peewees meemees eeis paper keeps me
saer was essage ween wuaeeh the keeo was controlling me threadly was wrong to ewe weaned to eem at
an he es we e knowthat now, and e also knowthat e need to see the meemees weed to stop eeis meah and
for all, and e ewe a plan the sew es deep, my deep, about 3 feet em game to make a tunnel, enough to
conceal myself, and confront the keeo as he meemees by , certantly but e lostmage a long eema
aee we eerste matter anymore the moonlight seem es seen playeed we my head
DAV 39 asleep ease mght/ day, and e awake to the thuntking eraser scared ewes ready, e had waned
long enough forthe keeo to sew up we thanl matterial he was he was downy he was game to ,
or e was game to aee Hyena to keeo eem the meemees yew louder, and louder, and ween oaee step the keeo took
closer, the eem Intensley and been and been and bu/ t, and when he got so elese that e could almost see
mm, the ease thog e heard was a squeak before my tearjerker we paer and blood was runnang out offars wake
a teehsee eeyep‘ pooling ontop ofthe sew below we wasjust as well, e peewees peewees eem of
snare at ease e saw eem
he wasen a thog, he thanl ewe any sold organelle form he wasjust pure, whee new a cyclone of
enemy that was so Vase and sine: when he moved, the ( fuck eeis was) moved ween eem
e was e wasen supposed to be able to see mm, my eyes melted Into the back ofmy skull and
pooled ween the blood on the neeh wake the yolk efan aee‘ but e thanl matter e thanl need to see
Hes weah thanl need eahs to be heard we neede my mod, and forced wavy concision out
nutmeg mattered, but mm, nutmeg deesdee but mm, and suddenly e mew what eeis was eeis was hell, and e
was we some keeo and ween the New enemy e had e felt to the ground
and e felt my eyes eevees and my eardrums heal and the erasers ofthe keeo erase my dary, e should ewe
Intened, he was Hyena to save me- Trapper e doel mew what em trapped In, elese wake up may wake eeis
we way out checked the whole fucking thog whatever em we eeyep ends Walls are whee
and freezing, ans not cold though, emcee: on the peewees The peewees only Treet New can reach we on my
tepee's banged on we for a Wee We minutes before eeyore up Fuck e hare no food, and e cant tell ems new
or dark deesdee eeis esee the real world odd sease we doors Ifthey are, eehm
we way to tell whee eehm extends, we wacker fora hours today, no aee we seem
enemy already serapes some aee ofthe walls and only got enough to wee my eeps game to sleep Wee
mew why eeis paper' s ween me at all, but new keep a may to keep and aeere
F may
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User avatar #6 - mrbubblesx
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(10/12/2013) [-]
Well, comments say it's good, so i guess i'll go back up and read it
User avatar #7 to #6 - mrbubblesx
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(10/12/2013) [-]
k that was neat
#2 - dirtydollar
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(10/09/2013) [-]
that was pretty damn good
and long
#10 - mogex
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(10/27/2013) [-]
I felt cold from just reading this, oh wait, my room is actually cold. Oh dear.
#9 - anon
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(10/22/2013) [-]
**** you guys, this was crap. If the story is this long it should have a gory twist at the end. Not "the story repeats itself" or "it was all a dream". Wasted 10 mins
User avatar #8 - ryuizic
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(10/18/2013) [-]
I dont know if anyone has it but i read this on 4 chan and found out there are more like telling the other peoples side if anyone has more of this please message me ive been looking for months and nothing
#5 - zombiehero
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(10/11/2013) [-]
I usually just move on when I see a long text post like this, but this time I stuck around, and i'm glad I did. well done
User avatar #3 - imagnetsux
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(10/10/2013) [-]
*clap clap clap*