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#382 - SrslyWtf
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(12/22/2011) [-]
I don't really get why everyone is like 'its all cool maaan if you have your own beliefs but lets keep them to our selves yeeaaah? Don't shove it down people throats'' etc...

But... Surely if you were Christian, you wouldn't want people going to hell right? So you'd be like NO PLEASE OR YOU'LL GO TO HELL. You wouldn't just sit there and watch them go to hell, isnt that like anti christian? Or like mean or like a sin or *******.

And if you're an athiest, you wouldnt want people to waste their lives following these rules which were made up to manipulate the masses, so you'd be all like 'WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU NO DONT BELIEVE IN GOD'. Because you wouldn't want to watch people throw their lives away following some fairy in the sky?

Either way I don't give a **** I'm just chillin, but I thought I'd put that out there.
#404 to #382 - LOoSERMaN
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(12/22/2011) [-]
Unless we are a believer in every religion then we are all going to hell anyways! xD
User avatar #389 to #382 - Aiwatcher
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(12/22/2011) [-]
I like the way you think.

A lot of Christians don't go out of their way to help people as a means of showing the "light" of Christianity, instead resort to "You're wrong, I'm right" tactics.

At the same time, many atheists refuse to explain why Christianity is faulty, and instead just say "You're stupid for believing it".

I just wish people would try to kill with kindness, and not with hatred. thumb for yew.
User avatar #402 to #389 - boobster
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(12/22/2011) [-]
Well you bias clearly shows there. Btw idk about you but most athiests I know are usually up for an argument/discussion.
User avatar #409 to #402 - Aiwatcher
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(12/22/2011) [-]
I'm atheist, actually. I don't know if I made that clear in my comment. But yeah, I personally would love to tell everyone why I'm an atheist and why its more reasonable to think that way. Just none of my atheist friends see that way, and they think of Christians as a lost cause more or less.