my experience 5. yes... I know... my grammar is not awesome... and it's for morbid channel What should I do?!? part1: /channel/morbid-channel/my+experienc my experience
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my experience 5

As I said, last night i tried not to fall asleep. But that
didn' t go as planned. I blacked out soon after the last
post I made.
Ijust remember wakeing up taday, super relaxed and
feeling quite . (no accidents last night)
As i wake up and went to the kitchen I saw my
roommate in her bed. I practicly Jumped her, wakeing
her up and wanting an explanation. She wake up super
tired and said that her body hurts.
She asked me whhy the fuck did I wake her up. I tam
her that she was missing the past few days. She didn' t
belive me and Just laughed thinking " was a jake. I tam
her what day and date it is. She vas convinced I' m
screwing with her. At that moment Delphine rang. I
went sillent in fear. She casually answered the phone. I
heared some laud voices while she was an her phone.
Her face afterwards I' ll never forget. She was all pale
and staring at me. I ' s wrang. She anly tam
me her boyfriend called and was waned sick. He had
called every day, without her picking up the phone.
She then called her mother I think. She then came and
taak her hame. DUDE her mom lacks fucking scary as
shit. Even baked wierd at me.
After she taak my roommate to the car she came back
and asked me strange questions
Like: did you feel anythig wierd the last few days DI’ if I
saw anything.... I tam her anly what i knew.
Before she left she anly said that " warld
idea to mave somewhere else. No why or when or
anything.... she Just left with my roommate.... WTF?
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