my experience 3. part 1: /channel/morbid-channel/my+experience/xwTGGkj/ part 2: /channel/morbid-channel/my+experience+2/wnbGGja/ I'm tired as ..... me again...  my experience
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my experience 3

me again...
Now i' m starting to worrie. She' s still not heme. The last few nights
were strange or even creepy.
Last night was probably the worse one yet. I woke up hearing
footsteps I was releaved auz i tought my roommate were heme.
But then it got eead again, even eerder then the nights before. The
whispering started, the same fucking whisperin than the farst night.
When i reconized the whispering the paranoia melted in. As the
whispering get leader the footsteps seemed elsker. I was under my
bedsheets seared shitler, my heart was pounding and I was
sweating. Just when the whispering got loudest, the footsteps
steped what seemed to be right next to my bed. I was Just laying
there seared for quite sense time new. Then i my
everage to see what was next to my bed. I threw the sheets of of
me and melt a leek. The secend i threw the sheets the whispering
steped, but I heard footsteps coming from the hall. The footsteps
get mere sillent and eventualy steped. As the naise steped I fell
Teddy I woke up even mere tired as the meanings before. My
roommates sheets still untouched. may her phone was turned
ever. Se i checked her phone and there were a few missed earls
and 2 texts. I wanted to cheek the texts first but they were empty
texts and when I cheeked the missed earls, the eall histery was
empty... WTF? "Uh and yeah, ALL the fucking deem in the house
were opened exept fer the frontdoor. l we allways elese the deers
auz of the heating, Kitchen oders, and terlet oders...}
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Was thinking same thing, call the police damnit.
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try using some correct grammar and spelling idiot i couldn't force myself to read more than two sentences of this.