kommando clears out a cult. The author of this story is an anonymous user of the weapons board on 4chan. This story was screencapped on April, 7, 2014 in the we 4Chan creepy morbid k Guns Weapons
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kommando clears out a cult

kommando clears out a cult. The author of this story is an anonymous user of the weapons board on 4chan. This story was screencapped on April, 7, 2014 in the we

The author of this story is an anonymous user of the weapons board on 4chan. This story was screencapped on April, 7, 2014 in the wee hours of the morning.
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I Anonymous M/ DWI/ Foro??); 20708105 Replies:
we 3/ 1 Weapons Chi
Iwas carrying a . It' s a large gun, and people who carry it are known as "gunners". [men phrases will be made like "do you even gun bro?" and "I gun mad hard". The point behind this is, that
you are carrying a big ass fucking gun that can throw a lot offerd downrange very quickly. It' s almost impossible to feel scared while carrying this beast because of it' s pure lethality and the fact that it
can put 20 rounds in someone before they even see you.
Let me tell you about the I evargon scared in the Marine Corps, while carrying the biggest gun.
Iguess I should start off by saying that Iraq is a weird country. Anyone who' s been there can attest to that. There are a million things that work differently than in first world countries,
and some ofthose things can be terrifying. The walther shit, for example. The moment I arrived in fallujah, the first thing I noticed was the smell. Large trenches 3 feet wide and stretching the length
ofthe entire road were filled to the brim with shit. Very different indeed.
It was day one of Operation Phantom Fury, and my fireteam was tasked with clearing the far left column ofthe city, and it was known for being heavily occupied with mutaween and
fighters, and included a shopping mall that a platoon element would clear.
We cleared the first two houses easily, no occupants. The third building was the shopping mall. It was nothing spectacular, it was like any other shopping mall except forthe arabic lettering and
portrait of Saddam in the center. The point man shot the glass door open because be couldn' t lock out, and we were in.
Hicks, take and bottom level". "Aye, Sgt. Quinn" my Lance Coolie said back. The doors to the basement were padlocked, and they were wide double doors made
metal. A saito the lock, and we opened the door. Continued.
I Anonymous (u/ DWI/ Won??:" 20708131 Replies:
That was the first time I ever smelled death. Pure blackness greeted us. "Torches on" Hicks says as we switch on . "Anon, gun up and finger on the trigger- I don' t give a
shit about trigger discipline right now". "Aye, senior lance" I said. We went down the stairs guns up and pumped upto shoot some motherfuckers like we all were waiting to do. About 15 steps later
we hit the bottom floor, and I immediately hearths sound of running footsteps to my " "LEFT SIDE!" I scream as everyone levels superweapons into the now illuminated basement.
Literally nothing. The footsteps stopped and we maneuvered outway " The power had been knocked out days beforehand, but did a decentest the area. It was a large
area devoid of everything except a desk with a laptop with papers strewn about on it and a closed door on the right wall. The laptop and papers are considered "not to be fucked with" by Infantry, so
Hicks called out to our private fresh out of SDI west. Tht Fitch, go grantham upstairs and tell him to come down heree.". "Aye, Lance Corporal" he says and goes upto retrieve the
Special Forces soldier in charge quintel gathering.
As we wait for our SF Intel Sgt, we go overdo the door and stack up, Hicks as our point man. He motions for a bang n' chear, so he kicks the door in and I throw it in there. ** we afterthe
doorway and are met with the most terrifying thing Ne ever seen. Very quickly I see a figure run in front of me with no goddamn head. Everyone else had seen him too, because we all lit everything the
fuck up as soon as we saw it. Everyone else had used maybe a half mag, but I was 50 rounds deep. It was serious now. I move the right side ofthe room, while take
the " "RIGHT SIDE CLEAR" I shout. "LEFT SIDE CLEAR" they shout. "CLOSED DCK) RWAR FRONT" I shout. There' s no goddamn body. No fucking body.
I Anonymous (u/ DWI/ Foro??" 20708157 Replies:
We stack up on the closed door, and I' m not taking any fucking chances. "Gonna throw a ." I yell. hicks hands me a fiag and knocks the door open. I fiag it and wait forthe boom. The
explosion occurs, and I see the craziest shit. There' s dead bodies everywhere, and the fiag only helped aid to the chaos. Hunks of human feesh pinned to S hooks in the ceiling and several decapitated
corpses lying in a pile in the right corner- No more doorways, this was the end ofthe hellish maze. There was a single body crouched in the we all thought my fiag had killed. He was
crouched in the fetal position and his body was laden with shrapnel. There were weird symbols all overhue walls that the SF Intel Sgt confirmed as an Iraqi cult that perpetrated mass murders all
around Iraq that rarely got any attention outside the SF community.
This shit still bothers me, and is the only reason I' m convinced that there is some supernatural shit going on in this world. I' m sorry ofthis sounds awkward, I' m a /k/ ommando and don' t really browse
that much.
HTLER I killed an Iraqi cult member sitting in a room filled with dead human meat with a frag shortly after my fireteam and I dumped a hundred rounds into a headless ghost
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