Worth the reading. i love you. rem browse /x/ Men but r have some good stones re share wen you Tens re the woods r we nearby storyy the needs alone w my deg one 4Chan creepy 2spoopy
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Worth the reading

rem browse /x/ Men but r have some good stones re share wen you
Tens re the woods r we nearby
the needs alone w my deg one
guurrl sweet amber to be deg rs err leash and reining around @ dogs do
mmust trans set by other wmm
a strewn dear sender nabs w we reining plants slur? We that
23 creep, ream at we arre deeper r go we the needs
wear sounds We a re the
meg perks errand wens er where we scream name new too
ans eeping from deeper we
stand were unsure errand do feelng / ery/ r dame re Volare were the scream name new
Wm urns rm re we needs alone mu
new back re and reining around
what rears We rm an hour r came across stopthat humans an
3 couch slurry w ordure er nowhere
we re a nee
ems er beer bottles around
wens We some men
salk around we bear bombs and were all Mme crud laying around
r /salk a past rt r near a stream we were r cams {mm
deg has been gene for awe
nee scared to call dads name to wan to we in r lust stand were awkwardd reining for an. sans er anythng
med er erevan dawn and earn been
pst/ l in r should be able to see arathor we arre
rarer r near near, breathing
ens getting closer and last
pstart the wan our men around (/ suck We a mare:
dog regs our er bush wen past we
ember, murder thought some mad wen was about to k/ l we
secord the dog
areolae deg be wmm ahead er we run: re gran dogs collar and per leash en
we were // saids were r scream name new
see er near anythig any end rears we an hour and half er sparkling
acked been were drew tell parents war r heard nus wan amend not rm we back re
42 broom No_ 1401480 RVs es tuner:
b: a year any last Sn 9 rm at the
asshoe We re we needs m we Mend agar's
riend rs sash.‘ seared wens mares snakes around every corner spears thatll rm mm dawn ares are
er calm mm dew end tell mm r rm a probably actually only (mes;
we sums rm that r before
mare we creepy barred we up be the been er my neck
n keep gang r new to see were ens rm gees
rrs (reap, was plants are arr dead are
er ran rum rrs reining ran the was are geing to have nu leases and men dead
aactually ran wry began bees are amv reining mange red and runs! prams chll rare reeves
we gettng seared happened be and r warm: explore e an rm
across a (aim re we were era nerd er grass
riend doesnt new to approach n
er rgr' ruri rem and walk were ahead
aactually knocked be the deer
embody answers r push we the deer and r rock been
amend rs gene
sneer a scream conorrg new the were
We the men array
seen been been deer closed rm‘: r was reining
untrod next den at school
01/ 13/ 14( " mom Nty_ 14014812 Hermes
story 3
sees ewe n rank place re
er wark re the tmohs all the ewe m rm dad he was nature
we earns re go agar's tonght
er " bung a and my dog
adog st/ l refuses to calm down
Mrs?! an hour near what sounds we wolves/ Coyotes howling
wolves/ Coyotes are rare around here. but they ed 2005! here
ens enough NI my dad, we walk back home
adog starts parring ahead wen all er hrs mam
usurps out weeds need. dad and r hrs name
Hue rare. he disappeared an re the darkness
wwe enise arm l carranger' s name
N wen back banend we
M can We mimic shape disappear some nee re the
wen forward and keep reining
adog actually ran all the way back home
arm/ A
by the Fayth's wok early Sos, have a camera been then
derdnt 90 re the weeds {of awe, sat around end played new games, ate, watched re. typical stue
Marne re go warn bee day, probably 11 atthe ewe
M remembered that cabin re the weeds, r ask my Mend [) wants re check l out too
lhry bangs hrs dog and r bong mme
re where r calm rs
s and sender henna st/ l have rrenny hours err
wwe' away we outdoes chase end pray wth each other. run around @ are
tdogs disappear are a few derrieres
wwe call wan names end they came back but wen they reg away agar's. same
wwe renew, we a dead an gut ms er an Mme and re I, head rs
suck, typical slur? has do when they encounter death
and keep
gnarr an me
aagain the head rs
make new my wand that deerskin's are used futhark brags
banally we Mame cabin
wwe' re err re the rm re erelong and re dear new drawer debating we should go check t out er we
aafter a raw derrieres sea a were ands shape reining back er us
seas teaa
has a hairy as fuck been (actually ranks like deeds need, r didnt wane the a year rarer. we were were as man weer be er . doesnt man my human
wwe stand there nat knowng rename do
were re calm ( the back and reappears
D or Rep's
rrenierrs opens the ewe t' s upsets
Name heure. rt stares at es
wwe' re gettng nervous about what rrs pranging err doing but we' re we weeds re were
m we Just stand there looking at each we rrenierrs
closes andthere disappears
we' re kerrang scared what err do next
wwe walk back re the woods and hide banend trees while watching the cabin
Hire cabin deer beans
Name heure. new harry mask
out be the Ween reining thr es
astards rewards es
m m en sht we wan barrier l back hams
tells es we gotta go
er refuse to W back there ember my dad
stil remembers hrs browse
Nukes the preparatory to spend a WEEK re the calm, was redeem wee. everyting, ms maker
mment. hrs dad and the two dogs are
wwe actually see the were as we' re warning towards l
wwe gar to the calm Just before dark and knock on the door. we' re rogered
ybody breaks open Mn less erred than
wwe gar re. search the mere place. ofcourse nobody": here
we rs nerding the mash Instead degree around eds he doesny new to rose the deg and har, seto were bset up camp. water. reed. beans. gens are
he hnds the wen hang out spot den the couch and the lurks re the nee
eyed keeps reining past n casually
meg rs freaking out
meg to pull dad away
seed and r keep reining around for n could be wars ere the dog
mag start barking we smack the dog to (rural n
we r We seer beaning
ask dad n he n too
we nods but deer see any we
were naar, be someones swining er but n deem we that
r' we been ens no hande
e ' we Innr around and see we grands appear mrdark err re the
heaved er». back n reappeared but the bush around n rs
pull my dads arms and Snaper Maat r saw
we wees we at where r //35 reining
wwe all Sign together re the mg room fur protectin
mad decrees nee and thend' s dad rm rake turns xraying up
wwe didnt need re bong alarm: and err. already was here. we light rt and use the nght
each otherwhise stones and skirt We that rare mm the night
meg started barring re mere
awake up to arre ramp burnt um
Mn the r could see a were _ re
wreak the fuck out, were reappears under the widow behind the wall
mareth awake and grabs hrs gen
arse saame heure, were were arreter. and all Mus shared the watch wee
happened rm the rest dune . but holy SM r was chll reining out that l got so close ember es
Mex! day we conked our robe and ate breakfast
nus! pretty much a ember expereince " rest dune day
wwe stuck together erase though
wand and r want re the weeds new my dog, r was entrusted wen a gun
we and (Hands dad Famine
Mn the t was astard meats let es back re the woods we that Wynn ' s safely " ween that you have re We m a cuntest deer let mm go
m we' re warning around ears Just fun
Mug rs kept be the leash though because otha back ortho errands we are bath renewed
mmaybe Santa rumbles any exploring we we antemfordead a need
marr tho rs gammy ere" r recall my were sayler
Mm we rt was Just were that " chll around
we we same stream and throw mans mm rt
ml set dawn the gen agarest a tree and hand let 90 Mme dog to let t run around as we relax and chat about
we cant genera the creepy feeling anymore
ml get my gen and we call the dog my
Ml doesnt agree been
we nervously walk hackle the chll the degree whale wee
we and hands dad was song around re Mug mum wen dog respong re between
when we get been dad asked we fauna anything
m" . but new we deg want (F
a moment, r deer he even breathed
got up and everybody went my dog
back we kept reining around until Just before dark
we went back re the cabin we thrashed, err» water gene, all mime gas was gene all brina reed and bullet was thrown around were came and mm the ma,
the gens themselfs were er bullets ' were destroyed
are useless. we deer have any reed wearer er any
rm Sm
wwe SW had a name er Berra's, one gen, and bee that we bought with es when we weer reining for the dog
decree re spend the re the babe Instead er warning through the needs re the darn wen barely any
to huddle together warn re the meg mam
ms wee 2 out we people are be watch duty at all have
slept well that night SO really all A er us were awake nan ewe Irma
someone had to seethe we reborns dog and the Maglight with es
Nate re the we could near footsteps Inthe basement
adog perked up rrs ears and r woke up my Mend
mad grabbed his gen and eberyone rear
ascends we around
ms contiues fur maybe an hour heme dad deems to W check l out
er " want mm to go alone
wwe all Maura around hint as he nerds the gen and slowly Doens the deer radding downstairs
gar en the Nyor
twerks we donesaur
nus! . perfect have for that
awn the Missteps have stopped
mad actually stands at top DUNE Starr: rears we a before he tank another step
perms down the gen re ease wants
D as No 140142319
arr er es step down arm m and reach we burrburr Mme Starr; searching the whole ream
pretty emery
wwe checked everything, t' s Just not were
for rt to pass es be the stews
we upsets
vwhat the actual reek, new does l keep disappearing and appearing we that
mad runs re rage
wwe all renew alter stop we
wwe see we already autisic, reining away Wm the weeds
quadrants seers at t. then mes to chase any rt We the Mars are gene
mar ant happeing my
s dad, Mend and r all my dad
calms down sarran hour rarer
stayed awake we red brina
the see was nfgn anough we all headed back name
we next day dad and r came beam Selma en we SD t had no we
unpaved away a year rarer
have wear to tell
01/ 13/ 14( Morr) 23 mom Nty_ 14014886 reams »
Part as
years rarer r called my Mend re gar re touch because we haven' t talked re each other re long
Iwasnt long berm: we started raining anout be expeirence
seed he went back afew months Muerte marred away, sardine cabo was SUM burnt tome ground but rs were anout the calm. he W Other
rerelease r main ask what was were about e
sword my questons but r persisted
when he went back, the mime new the calm had been rearranged
MA now (mined a perfect avers orchard's prams around the geometer er where the calm stood
were except for we
smthng re we mere Mme erhere was a Madras: decomposed my or an amber
m" aanother dear r asked my Mend
we Fr he sad your dog"
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#6 - pianoz
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(01/15/2014) [-]
it was your dog...
it was your dog...
User avatar #7 - supervillian
Reply +5 123456789123345869
(01/16/2014) [-]
Damnit I knew the dog would die
User avatar #8 - thatrussianhoe
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(01/28/2014) [-]
yo that **** ****** up
User avatar #1 - hinochi
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/14/2014) [-]
Oh man that can't be it. There's gotta be more. Right? RIGHT?!
User avatar #2 to #1 - connardv [OP]
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/14/2014) [-]
Sorry bro that's all
User avatar #3 to #2 - hinochi
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(01/14/2014) [-]
Aaw man. Now I can't leave my house for a couple of days. There are woods near where I live too.
User avatar #5 - popkornking
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/14/2014) [-]
If you liked this then heres a couple really good archived innawoods threads off of /k/:
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#4 - neptunetouranus
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/14/2014) [-]
Man this was actually really good, scared me when he said everybody walk the dinosaur but **** thats good