Why are you in my Room?. I wrote a four-part series of creepy pastas, the first two can be found if you know where to look. Two of them though, have never been  creepy pasta morbid ghost Scary Haunted
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Why are you in my Room?

Why are you in my Room?. I wrote a four-part series of creepy pastas, the first two can be found if you know where to look. Two of them though, have never been

I wrote a four-part series of creepy pastas, the first two can be found if you know where to look. Two of them though, have never been released. This is part one, good reviews and FJ will be the first site to ever get part 3 and part 4.

Why are you in my room?
There Is a near endless amount of places you could be, why are you in my room? I remained calm when you threw all of
my thinga on the curb, ripped off the police tape that my friends must have left there on Halloween, and moved all ofyour
thinga in. Sure, I tried to atop you, but you completely ignored the fact that I waa there. Pacifist that I am, I let it go.
I have to wonder though, why my room? I try to pick up your clother when you haphazardly toss them on the floor. I must
have aome allergy to your detergents the clothing adema to leave blisters on my hand. Ijust want to clean up my room,
you ignore me though I ait only two feet away.
So, why are you in my room? I thought for a moment maybe I waa the one encroaching on your personal apace I decided
to take a walk. When I reached the door, the knob burnt. itried the fire escape, but despite the darkness of our shared
apace, Illuminated only by your monitor, what waa outside seemed Infinitely more bleak. You should reprogram your clock,
there' s no way It' s that dark ata o' clock in the afternoon.
So, of all places, why my room? I plopped down in your beanbag next to you. The beanbag remained unmoved, I know you
aaw me this time. That waa when I first noticed this website on your monitor. You seemed frightened, if only momentarily.
I understand that I' mat quite a bit of weight, perhaps grown more pallid, but the rude reaction waa abosolutely uncalled
for. I wanted to ahave you but your clother burned me again. If we' re going to live together I' d like to ask that you change
your laundry detergent. Mao, tell the man in the bowler hat to atop smirking at me.
It' s my room
I' m beginning to get upset, I tried again to pick up your dirty dishes. I waa met with a tingling genration, perhaps a minor
searing, it didn' t burn like everything else. I atill couldn' t lift It. You likely had it stuck to the table with whatever remnants
ofthe meal might have coalesced beneath. I waa never a clean freak, but it looka though Hiroshima has gone off in my
room. The man in the bowler hat speaks, he tells me that I must allow my anger" to amalgamate. I tried to be funny, saying I
needed to build my anger" up higher than the stack of dishes. He seemed to dislike majoy. I felt though I' d just
committed an act overeat indolence.
Why would you do that in my room? Please, have aome dignity. Looking at those websitee you look at and commuting those
disgusting acts. I' m 12 yearr old and I' m in here. Please, at least open the door for me to get out first. Was that your
intention? Am I aome social science project to you? You must be the one locking me in. I know you' re doing it on purpose. I
wanted to knock the desk over, unplug the computer from the wall. Despite thatl succeeded only in knocking a coffee cup
off. The handle broke, I hope it waa your favorite.
Welcome to my room, I hope you don' t mind if I stare at you while you sleep, you don' t adem to be at mat.
GET OUT OF MY ROOM! all I want Is a little apace to myself, Isn' t that every little boy' a dream? No you didn' t leave that
window open, I opened It. I also hid that stupid game you' re always playing and bent your stupid phone charger until it
began to short out. I can feel the anger. The man in the bowler hat has a rather extravagant Emile. I can me even his windom
teeth, perhaps a few more behind those.
Hello air,
Since you have not been polite enough to introduce yourself by name, or for that matter leave my room, I am forced to
refer to you air. I noticed that you visited this website pretty often, I decided that it would be the best place to mat
this. Everyone else will write it off a stupid, poorly written, short atom. I hope for your sake you me otherwise. I didn' t
want to harm you, I promice I didn' t. Ijust wanted you out. I' m actually proud of myself, the ambling man waa downright
jovial when he aaw that I' d grown Strong enough to lift your dishes, particularly the steak knife. I hope you like my room,
It' s not perfect, but It' s a work in programa. Anyway, to the point. I hope you read this before you fall asleep this Is your
last warning. I know you could overpower me, I know to wait till you' re asleep. ffyou chooce to fall asleep in my room,
then you will not be waking up, at least not in the state you are. Maybe you' ll wake up in heaven, hell, reincarnated. I' m too
young to know how it worka. I hope you read this because I fear for me too. The Smiling Man adema to be using me for this
purpose. I' m not aure what he will do with me afterwards. I may be 12, but I' m not too young to read people. This Is my last
attempt at allowing the anger" to subside. For both of our sakes, get out.
lucky, the last boy wasn' t nice enough to leave me a note.
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