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Wait for it...


Just wait for like a minute to get the point... Honestly this is ******* creepy <3

Copyright Emma Plays With Barbies is the property of 3exclamationpoint and the makers of the video. All rights reserved.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment and enjoyment. The makers of this video in no way claim copyright over Emma or Barbie and have no intention of depicting either in any particular way. Barbie is the respective property of Mattel, Inc and Barbies are a line of toy, which by definition suggests that they are designed for play, which the creators of this video have done, in their own unique way. The creators of this video have no responsibility over who views this video and are thus not liable for any and all consequences resulting from viewing this video. The video Emma Plays With Barbies contains frequent strobe effects, fast cutting, weird and disturbing audio as well as what some may consider terrifying imagery. The viewer is responsible for who views this video and who does not. Whether adorable or Terrifying, this video is again purely for the laughing enjoyment of all viewers and the creators of this video are absolved of any ill effects however unforeseen this video may generate. Emma Plays With Barbies is the property of the creators of the channel 3exclamationpoint and thus EXACT duplication of their creation will not be tolerated.

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User avatar #3 - anthonyd
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******* NOPE
User avatar #6 - xxlivingdeadgirl
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(01/18/2012) [-]
Well... That was... Yeah. .-.