WARNING: MORBID. Another decomposing body... For some reason, I want to peel that piece of skin of its eyebrow....
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so we can post gore in morbid now? please say yes please say yes i have amazing access to gore.
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Thanks for seeing it from my point of view. For the record, the incident was from when I was walking through the crash site after an amtrak train hit a semi at 79 miles an hour. The truck driver's body was torn in half and landed 30 and 120 yards away. On its own, that didn't particularly bother me; I'd seen polaroids of corpses which had their heads and legs cut off by rolling cars. What got to me was when I saw the video from the locomotive's event recorder. The driver never took his eyes off the camera, and you could tell exactly what was going through his mind. He was going to die; he'd never get to see his wife or his children ever again, and nothing he could do would change that. I guess you could say that gore doesn't really bother me in and of itself. However; I've seen the face of a man knowing he was going to die; and I'll never forget it. Personally I think it's best to let the dead rest, they've already suffered enough.

Pic related, it's what's left of the locomotive after the collision.
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For some reason, I want to peel that piece of skin of its eyebrow....
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Simply curious, Mr. Smurf, where do you find these images at? Do you google them or do you have another source?
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Just me who's wondering how in the **** the right eye turned itself around?
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It did the hokey pokey?
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I don't know how many people know about it but the website I found all of the images I will never get out of my head is called "bloodshows" I just googled it and it was the first link..I haven't been on in a while so I thought I'd check and see if it was still up before posting about it.

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