The Sims. I might start only posting 1 a day since I'm starting to run out, but we'll see (: enjoy!. The Sims Just like ‘ram mung kids grading up in the 93' s I morbid
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The Sims

The Sims. I might start only posting 1 a day since I'm starting to run out, but we'll see (: enjoy!. The Sims Just like ‘ram mung kids grading up in the 93' s I

I might start only posting 1 a day since I'm starting to run out, but we'll see (: enjoy!

Tags: morbid
The Sims
Just like ‘ram mung kids grading up in the 93' s I lead videa . Abat. ‘his as a great tine
far gerrd. because it as a huge Leap fran the previews censer's, far the PC had tee many amazing
mile ether kids are creeling ever their , I wield spend my after schewl an
and weekends basked in the glen‘ air nay CR- ‘reciter. "y ‘Fa'. -Rite as we ether than
he Sins, an easy play ‘ Fe sina. Slater that is still as: popular taday. Even thaugh I weild
cheat as air the tine, I played that i? IE as if it as life, and net a sina. Ilation.
Late night, as I recall, seething very peculiar happened. I as playing as I nern‘ ally
m, buying useless electronics far ans, inviting ether Ems nay Muse, and of
came, aiming my Ems energy through sleeping. ' Em as a bachelor and lived in a huge
n‘ ancien, and had ‘ram beds cheese frtrd, far whatever ridicu' -mus reasen. night, en his free
sac-, he chese a reena to rest in that I did net adding at any tine. Iae alkad past the
reena, through a bathromm, inte a small "sitting reena", and inte a wisteria's deer that
prev' -aussy as net there.
It as a very, very mall space, ‘baybe 5 squares in teal. ‘here as F! -it lights in the mm, and the
all er tarring as slate gray. I didn' t recognise the bed medal that as the all. It as
very basic, and had no sheets, m pile: -.s, just a grey n‘ actress elevated by a frere. A little
cornfused, I quickly pressed the "Buy J. tade" settim. ‘his did nething. He continued change inte
his pajamas. I just decided this as a glitch air sew sat. I did have an elder ‘ router after all.
I sat in my chair atching nay Em impiously. Iae still did the anin‘ atten ‘where he pulls the sheets
ever and cli‘ rbs inte bed, even thaugh there were nae. Agir' Ln, it just had be a blissing ‘File er
sonething. Since he as alene in the Muse, the ta,; air tine .. and I waited patiently as
his energy bar ‘Filled and he 'weild aka up. ‘he bar as just ever hal‘ Fay ‘Full and suddenly, it
steps. ‘he as still passing, but the energy as net increasing. I tried cancel the "sleeping"
action at the tap air the screen, but this alse did whim at all. Even ahrder, he as still
asleep. His energy shea.: have been increasing, er he shed-_ d have weken up by new.
Jonah? add thing as that even thaugh it as '. reast as .",. '-name, it as still black as night
eastside. ‘he tine as still passing, quickly, very quickly. 'D,' Em still laid in bed, completely
aimless, and unable ‘aka up. I as clicking en every , every aim that I cerld, but
angst were net responsive. I did, , change the tis' air tine back ner' 1‘ . Chills ran
through ; bedy when I did this. After I clicked the butten, the screen grew darker
and a very add team started playing ‘Hem my speakers. ‘he seend as ' like a HUGH inhaling,
but " as very deep, and it as . ‘he "diam" that ‘Fleets anette his head that
re‘ F_ acted his new as new bright red. I as scared, I startted step playing and turn aff nay
refuters, but far sew marge reasen, I ,
Imbues passed by '-name as I sit "attched 'Bl Em laying there, unresponsive any actions. "he naise
new grew ‘weaker, but the screen as ' - darker. I cerld still see inside the hause pretty well,
but eastside as aln‘ east : deamed in the blackness. Here an passed, then in a split-
secend, the view air the screen shifted and the seend stepped. I as new ling at a staredown and
disturbing shirt air nay Em in bed, but he was.. changed. His skin as new the sane shade as the
alls air the warped reena, and.. when I saw his face, I froze in my chair. His eyes were nap/
an and staring at the ceiling. "he anette his head as new pitch black which I knew as
net a natal ‘Function in the wre. "y curser as gene, and there as F! -it heads up display.
I couldn‘ t newie ‘Hem the desk. I as still tradin‘ oticed by ahat just happened. ‘he view is still
Fixed in the sane position, and my Em still lays like a statue, eyes wide men. I slowly ‘re: -e my
hand the shutdown bu": ten en Ttr' PC, but befire I cerld turn it traf, the screen gees white. I am
relieved at this paint. I press a ‘Few amen buttens en ; keyboard. eerything. I newie my ‘reuse
around a ‘Few tines and click repeatedly. After several was air ‘reuse spam, I am returned the
Familiar neighberhood view, but there is no seend playing, m ‘rust. I have ‘nave closer my
screen carrier's/ at I am seeing. ‘he .n‘ ancien that .nay Em lived in, the we that is : maed
we the , is gene.
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#2 - bathoryhannibal
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(05/10/2012) [-]
Once when playing Sims I decided to throw a party. A lot of guests showed up including a celebrity (I think it was Drew Carey). But another uninvited guest came as well. A mime. It would not leave when asked, so I called the cops. When the cops came I was fined because there was no emergency. THERE IS A MIME IN MY HOUSE! HOW IS THAT NOT AN EMERGENCY!? The party finally ended, but the mime did not leave. Days went by, but the mime stayed. I had no choice but to kill my sims. It was the only way to escape the mime.

Because of this incident I have decided to hit a mime with a baseball bat when I go to Chicago this summer. I am going to aim for the back of its head, since the occipital lobe is the source of their dark powers.
#8 to #2 - anon
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(07/18/2014) [-]
Or just click shift-ctrl-c and type 'testingcheatsenabled true' shift-click the mine and object -> delete?
#7 to #2 - HellzReap
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(05/13/2012) [-]
Oh god, I laughed so hard at this.
Oh god, I laughed so hard at this.
#3 - iamfromhyrule
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#5 to #3 - shecklerhutson
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(05/10/2012) [-]
yeah thats not that funny on this channel, it just means you missed out...
yeah thats not that funny on this channel, it just means you missed out...

#4 - TuhRainbowLlama
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(05/10/2012) [-]
User avatar #6 - stegotron
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(05/11/2012) [-]
.....i dont really get it.. so the weird grey room is gone, or the mansion is gone?
#1 - drakarri
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