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Strange Sounds heard Worldwide

Several of these are repeats or fakes.

Montreal video was UPLOADED to youtube on January 11 2012 -- clearly with leaves on the trees.. not from Jan/2012 . here is the link www.youtube.com/watch?v=f9Gh7T91dSg

Kiev video at the end is from 2011 it would appear.. again uploaded on Jan 11 2011 .

If you spot anything else that stands out as "odd" for being January 2012 --- let me know in the comments.. is this some kind of copy-cat effect going on here?

1 hoax multiplied maybe? Or is it the real deal?! Im on the fence.

Something strange is afoot for sure --- unknown sounds heard globally over the past few days.. basically starting up in rapid pace on January 11, 2012 --- up until today (jan 16 2012). I don't know how long this will continue, or what it is.

New term : U.A.O.. = Unidentified AUDIBLE Object

you can see all the same videos in this montage by clicking this search here: www.youtube.com/results?search_query=strange+sounds+2012%2C+this+week

What could all these sounds heard this past week around the world have come from? What do you think is causing this phenomenon? I am still at the drawing board, trying to figure this mystery out... any ideas.. please share below in the comment field.

too many videos popping up for this to be a hoaxer.. unless of course.. its some kind of MOVIE roll out stealth marketing ploy... (I'm always the skeptic I know -- but remember EPAZUTI ?!).

I twist on the old saying .. keep your EAR to the grindstone ... if you hear anything.. get it on video !

Always remember, regardless of what the outcome of this particular situation, have a plan, be prepared -- food, water, supplies, and places to shelter in place.. and also places prearranged to go in case you have to leave your area.

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I've heard two theory suggestions about this.

1. From some Biblical **** there said "12 Violin/Harp sounds would be heard from the sky before Judgement Day"
2. Ancient Alien Theorists suggest "This might be a spacecraft not so far away from Earth / Invisible in sky , sending some sound waves or sum **** "

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User avatar #5 - cashgrassorass (05/31/2012) [-]
User avatar #2 - ginginhunter (05/31/2012) [-]
the dwermer have returned
User avatar #10 - somekornchick (06/01/2012) [-]
bloody hell its 'WAR OF THE WORLDS!!'
#9 - anonymous (06/01/2012) [-]
User avatar #8 - plutoo (05/31/2012) [-]
I think 4.55 is a sound taken from STALKER
#7 - anonymous (05/31/2012) [-]
#6 - anonymous (05/31/2012) [-]
Plenty of cities that heard these "Strange noises" were actually just Quadrotors carrying speakers that played these strange noises... This was a great hoax...
#4 - anonymous (05/31/2012) [-]
Project HAARP = High-frequency Active Auroral Research
#3 - anonymous (05/31/2012) [-]
i believe the us military was mining or something there a video of the noise at a mlb game
User avatar #1 - lordmacflurri (05/31/2012) [-]
I've seen and heard stranger **** while I was in Rome in 2002.
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