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User avatar #8 - djsamonella
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(01/08/2012) [-]
i believe aliens are real. ive believed that for a while. i just dont think well be destroyed by some alien race on 12.21.2012
#23 to #8 - dogsbane **User deleted account**
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#39 to #23 - stoopify
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(01/08/2012) [-]
so if u mean extra dimensional beings, like from a different time strain/alternate reality, then it could be done....a wormhole for instance......but if u mean like a different plain of existence like beings of a 4th dimension, i read on a sciency book about the various dimensions that if a being of say a 3 dimensional world where to come into a 2 dimensional world the 2d would not be able to comprehend the 3d but the 3d could see, hear, interact, speak, or be a dick to the 2d....pretty much if we went into a 2d existence while staying 3d we would be invisible...and probably seem like an omniscient being or something, but they wouldnt be able to see us....because they cant comprehend us....so if there are extra dimensional beings..they would have to be either 2, or 1d or else we wouldnt be able to see them...or their craft....unless they made like a prothstetic body and whatnot in our world....
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