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When I was 4 I moved into this new house in the city. When I was falling asleep, I would always hear people laughing and talking to each other loudly in the livingroom/hallway, and I always assumed that it was just the TV or my parents or some ****. I would get curious and as soon as I went into the living room or my parent's room, the sound would stop. I never thought much of it, but began closing my door so I could get some sleep at night. This happened for nearly 15 years while I grew up in that house. My girlfriend (then childhood friend) started sleeping over with me when I was around this age.

The night before we moved out, my girlfriend and I were trying to get to sleep but as usual, too much noise. This was every. single. night. and I never once questioned it after the age of five. I finally turned over and was like "Do you hear freaky **** in this place?" And she just looks at me and says "you hear it too?

We got our apartment together and we've never heard anything unusual.