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At least give us a ******* warning, i waked half the neighborhood with my scream.
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Guys, watch the curtains closely in the beginning. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw them move.
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I have just shat my pantaloons.
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2spooky 4me
2spooky 4me
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never before have i seen better concrete evidence that ghosts are truly real.

i now believe.
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Ghost story time
About 2-3 years ago a friend of mine started to look into how to contact spirits. We'll call him P. P decides to try the things he was reading about. He say's something along the lines of, "If there is anyone else here show me a sign." The lights in his room start to flicker. He freaks the **** out, bails, and gives me a call. I met up with him by 7/11. After he told me what happened I was like "wtf man?" After hanging around for an hour or two, we decide to go back to his place. When we get there his brother opens the door and tells us something unusual. "When I was using our computer the lights started to flicker and then they burnt out.". Now at this point me and P look at each other with blank faces. Some stuff actually went down. The only person who knew what P did was me. His brother had no idea.
After that day, I didn't hear anymore news about this from him. I figured it just kind of ended. It seemed I was wrong.
-one month later,
P calls me and tells me we really need to talk. We meet up in front of city hall and he tells me weird stuff has been happening to him. When P returned from track practice that night his closet shut it's self the moment he turned his lights on. He also told me that something was happening after every shower he took. When ever he got out of the shower a capital K was drawn on his mirror from the condensation. He tried many things to debunk this such as making sure his family wasn't doing it, locking the door so no could enter while he was bathing, and cleaning the mirror before he showered. All of the efforts were useless. The K was always there. Now at this point P didn't tie the event from last month with this one because P is not a smart man. So I refreshed his memory. The sudden realization made to afraid to go back home, After P spent the night that was the last I ever heard of it. P is now in the marines and is no longer living home.
inb4 hey Charles Dickens, I didn't come to read a novel.
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Who you gonna call?
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