Open Doors. This is my first attempt at a Creepy Pasta style story. It is based off of a real life experience and given a Morbid Channel twist. I hope you all e happy Halloween
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Open Doors

Open Doors. This is my first attempt at a Creepy Pasta style story. It is based off of a real life experience and given a Morbid Channel twist. I hope you all e

This is my first attempt at a Creepy Pasta style story. It is based off of a real life experience and given a Morbid Channel twist. I hope you all enjoy.

lam too shred to move. -..
A few}, -'ears ago. I was amoung woman who was killed in at car accident. Itwas experience to sarthe least. bat Igot it, This story isn' t
about hes but that information becomes important later on
My current girlfriend andi werll' mingin bed tryingto fall asleep drayton . I have aking : r. ebbed bothere is plenty
both of us to get commutable, though we up Mona another After tasing and turning on , she sits up me ohms forehead
ting, 't have to go to the bathroom.” In my state. I mumbled. "Dadt get lost.” [a between as) as she crawled oat offed andmake henway to
the door
My Mia pitch black at night. Heavy Curtains Mont any light fromthe windows, so navigating through it is pretty much a Hm: monk always, she ma. nagas to
make it out with ease and giggles a. n"' Ilove yoa' " she shuts the door behind her. We have ething about shutting : ucc second later. Iheard the bathroom door shut
with a click. The bathman is the other wall. Ijust settled into the carers, [ with my eyes open while I waited far harm come back.
This is where it gets freaky.
Out mite corner ofmy eye I saw something move Midi sat upto see door OPEN, I knew for afect that my girlfriend shut it behind her Moonlight was
housing's glam window , well morelike bloating, was this scared me out andmy mind
It was darf/ cis, the one who ago. bat . Her slain. where it wasn' t rotting , was pulled
tight across her bones, which were clearly the moonlight Her red harm staged stringy mes. She lookadat me with hollow eye sockets, an
expression I wantedto call out to my warn hornet to open the door. to protect perfrom the horror sta. outside the
bathroom. but I was so scared I EMT move. I couldn' t even breathe
My body was literally frozen with terror.
Thething staring atme opened its mouth a. tillet out shin, but that habit even begin to dank how l' I. the sound was, and then mined toward the bathroom
door hanging toward it with its thin emaciated arms attended. I suddenly mum air in my lungs and screamed "Ne'' with had, and suddenly sat bolt upright
may bed. the pou. ringin through : mni, & heavy black curtains had been thrown back.
I was sovereign a coldsteel . I must have dosed -some back. I crackled andean
barra turning's wakster up and tallier about the I had, But she meant in bed. math when I noticed sommething that sent my heart into my throat. My
bedroom doorway wide open.
I smiled out gotten up to start breakfast or something.
There was no answer
I called at second time alittle , that she just hadn‘ t heard me
Bat still there was no answer.
Myhead spun andmy heart thudded behind my are as I offed. I say crawled because depots my desire to explode from beneath the blankets, android out
into the house to find has my muscles wouldn' t obey me., My legs Mt like they weighed each. Withan agar hing slowness I made ayway
toward the bathroom dorm which was aja. r [ thingi mid earlier about doors? i and I could see through the partially open door. something on the flt: :
I readied out. short gasps, the word 'Nd reheating's meming over and over I mam God sound that horrible hissing siteid again. I
pushed the door open to find a sight more horrible than anythinga ever imagined
My sittingwhale middle against her chest. Herman's were ears her
fingers were actually digging into her sink Her skin was gray, and I hit mean pale, I mean stone flicking grey and pulled too tightly over her face. Her eyes were open
wide, otherthan humanly Pith. There was an expression terror face, may mouth open in a silent scream.
My world spun and got fury " I med oat mrhat. tears chews. I couldn' t believe this was happening..- I wanted to scream. bat
breath. Then Awoke up. jolted into by the click door closing. My . ffriend’ s soft voice mm 'Areyou asleep ''
It task me a moment to happening. There Iwas in my pitch black room again anwhere she was aaff the weight other " she crawled
into bed She slipped under the covers and I pulled her into my arms kissing her shoulder and holding her tightly.
She cuddled up to headfirst, , buttlust havebeen she asked : ,
maths? slant scream. out i: over madden
hamface but no maa' : culdnt -
She took my hand and kissed the back afid mum me that itwas just and Hit would make me feel better, she could turn on the light. I nodded into
turn on sea ratch.
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#1 - amidgetwalrus
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(10/30/2012) [-]
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#2 to #1 - damphyr [OP]
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(10/30/2012) [-]
Well thanks for nothing.
Well thanks for nothing.
#5 - lucifersdad
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(10/30/2012) [-]
Well damn, nice story dude
#7 - stallwallwriter
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(11/05/2012) [-]
Great first story! It's nice to have some fresh blood - haha - on morbid channel. Two things, though:
1) As others have mentioned, the font is too small
2) The story arch gets to me. The start - "I'm too scared to move", and a part near the middle "this is where it gets freaky" suggest that this story is all retrospective, and that he's remembering it *afterwards* while being too terrified to move. That's fine, but when is he remembering/telling us this? The story ends at a climax, and I don't think he would be doing a flashback just as his gf is revealed. The story would flow better either if that opening statement were removed, or if we learned where in time the narrator is in respect to the story he's telling.
Sorry to be so long-winded, it's just kind of a tricky thing to explain. Good story, hope to see more of your stuff :)
User avatar #8 to #7 - damphyr [OP]
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(11/08/2012) [-]
Thanks for the feedback.
In regards to the font, I had trouble making the document in Paint so I had to use Adobe Indesign, which made the font true to size.
Other than the twist at the end, it was actually a series of dreams I had one night but I wanted the storyteller to maybe seem like he was telling it AS it happened, I guess that didnt come across so well.
I have actually been thinking about making another story, based off a rather terrifying dream I had when I was 12. Anyway thanks for the notes.
User avatar #9 to #8 - stallwallwriter
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(11/08/2012) [-]
Well, if you do wind up writing that other story, I'd love to read it. Good luck!
#6 - indigobob
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(10/30/2012) [-]
The text's too damn small!
The text's too damn small!