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User avatar #93 - ellelola
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(01/23/2013) [-]
Use them instead of cops.
There will be no more crime on the streets, i tells ya
#110 to #93 - ljxjlos
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(01/23/2013) [-]
Oh God, imagine, some High school-Punk sprays Graffiti at a Wall, turns around to search the next Spot to spray on just to discover that this Thing stands behind him, it´s face hovering only few centimeters away from the Punks face, ice cold Breath hitting his Face, as he shivers from fear, unable to move. A scrawny arm crawls out of the depths of the shadowy coat that hides the Body features of the Beast and pushes its Mask up, to bare dirty, yellowish Teeth, the dirty Breath makes the Punk break in cold Sweat, as the Creature crams a sugar-sprinkled Doughnut in it´s Mouth and slowly whispers: " I´m afraid you´ll have to follow us to the Station-house, Mister"