Night 3, intermission.. Alright, after this, we'll be moving on to night 4. From here on in, It'll be posting primetime. I'll hopefully be a week in by the end
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Night 3, intermission.

Alright, after this, we'll be moving on to night 4. From here on in, It'll be posting primetime. I'll hopefully be a week in by the end of tonight.

Alright, we' re back
again with some more
stupid ma p, this time
in a little bit of an
easier to read format.
e Last we left off, I had woken up in a hospital around 4: 12 AM.
e It' s deathly quiet in here. The only sounds are the light of footsteps outside of the room.
e Looking around, I can see that my dad' s asleep in a chair next to me. Mom' s nowhere to be seen.
e I have no idea how in the actual hell I got here, all I know is that I really need to get out.
e Something feels really wrong.. and I can' t understand why.
e But I' m pretty sure that if I made any moves here outhere, **** would go off and there would be noises and blarghagh.
e I' m stuck here, and the only thing I can do isjust let my mind wander.
e Wander it did, oh my god.
e I keep tossing and turning. trying to get some sleep, when I start hearing footsteps. A .. a completely different
sound from the norm. It sounds sharper, more... Pushed.
e And it' s getting closer.
e I' m panicking again by now.. because those footsteps are getting louder and closer, and they aren' t showing any signs of
e By now my body' s just tensing up.. my eyes moving wildly about in their sockets are the only physically apparent motion on
my person at the moment.
e I can hearths doorknob twist as the door cream open.
e Those footsteps are deafeningly loud, now.
e And guess who' s there when I calm down enough to look my new visitor in the eye?
e You guessed it.
e The ******* plague doctor.
e He and I have a little... Chat.
s It turns out, he' s actually kind of.. Not as much of an idiot as I thought he was. Very intimidating. menacing, sure.. but not
e He' s eloquent. Smart.
e But he' s still aggressively pushing everything I say.
e I can' t he to him about being calm, there' s a heartrate monitor somewhere in this room - all these goddamned wires
attached to my body.
e "Well, it was a good chat, but you seem to be having a little trouble coping. I shall see you tomorrow."
e With that, a quick syringe pull and I was back up to my feet. Still in a hospital room.. but it was late. 11: 38 AM.
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Submitted: 06/23/2014
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User avatar #1 - eruditeraven (06/24/2014) [+] (9 replies)
Wait, so you two had a normal conversation?
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