NOPE comp 6. Wow, i never thought people had this many stories... i appreciate everyone of them! NOPE comp 5: /channel/morbid-channel/NOPE+comp+5/TNsxDGA/ NOPE  Scary ghost paranormal comments stories nope
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NOPE comp 6

635 -dexterwho _
In the weeds outside at a wage
that ls property Mosaic
First right near belles around
V grass
mam night ts scratching lament
and suddenly ores ant we
poured waterwark)
ANOF' E all nightly my slewing no
more scratching tn the near distance
mops ALL we FUCKING vow HOME
Haven: pee now
any Fl
we .estrada.
7 l m the only amen up o my house
V n In my Blah the anon.
r Power gees outand avert/ ts anon black
Heat horse We genteelly melt reel DEVI'S he
Carol NOV? because l Mr so stated
The Hutu keeps owe matte me
t malty oer no and any up stars la mt mom to get a We
e The Muse me all the way tn to ml mom
e as seen as Hum an m/ nurse stops enamels‘:
move all mews. gm er my Muse
153 - frozenbananapeel
a Be 3 ights age
aon computerless mantra around
morn gem: to go to the bathroom
e Manute orowo tater hear and deerstalking through wall
we to her and upa
and says you walked past the door
contr people m house
Blanket's engaged
at compartment
me same was and my
to the tree set er
ohms mu
an , phone, wath
my and an candle
Laptop blacks out Vt/ elm because batteryman maxed
soaked mcheart behind mete seems shang open
blows outlive candle
maan haematite supermarket, entree
we to abandoned ( befriends
H take a look stay outwith friends dog
motheruckers go an tn
may suddenly goes aceshot
meal We gut goggies ‘rt laughs
gget nervous
clucking metal by comes tall: down from attic
menus some out runnang like '" iik' " l goong to we
ttake dog and sumo run
all he friends house
an we came an to flue an lawnmower
Gal one that remands at goon guy ghost
watkins without "alng shaman
to read omle lacking dawn
mdear ammo heme my ear says "stop'
em sew truck blows now past me
we one around
who out a no about my age downthere lathe tags from a sew: truck
Notate HIS
Asleep, wake up wytn my aster tn my an
5 new age
ewes tenth her crashes a
eater footsteps are heard
vane (my ill was what are you
an her shepard' (
tear new
eland -
mute Errata we Its new
vats she runs we my aw
we We A
an highchair
Say Mot mommy at that than tn that nus Mute slur
t says melts notihng across the table
we We 14
up one morn
7382 same man tn mute sun tn my (Shall staring at me
earl ll always be new foryou"
mm mil) parents room
Danng We a Quad We Km
eves meats and reaches around and starts me tn
an mime untruer
an neck
claimed a erskine ghost)
send runs we
All mt/ bunks an game agressive
teem onto m‘/ bed tn a We
V ' Call
He comes heme
e Fwd butthat demons manila wytn people has happened to everyone tn
mart have a couple
tn two mum sueng the Internet
ester hearten Samantha an walls
mmust assumed etwas a tree when (l we tn a (latter and the walls are mm and weak)
gees away
and tapping heath an the wall and mtndew
silt! trunk ts a tree branch
Isnt a tree anywhere near my house
ruck out and soemwhere t am because the rest mime mantle hornets
KNOPE my mom gets heme
ths one ts rune)
malt have Samantha me (not nestle)
stangs get moved around all the me, newses all the (me and walla
always have dreams mime Bugaboo’
aw thelostie be a two, SW unknown
er behave that my supposed to be a teln and thatthe ether one that dyed Rollo's me around and protects me
er wanna no out my brother
and an
tn avert andthen lion to willie the
gas so gas no house
tmg TV and 2 feel HEN headed
knever know about avert
were at 'Check the overt‘
my a minute
r% befalls tn hither! done wheel)
Ala to check rt out and oven and gas
saved no lyre
Hence when
Ag _ seaturtle/ mornng SW tn hen] between and awake
one years out
Hoog menus tn
Mattie new
vogue over who looks endow was deemed the one-
mmee grandma looming reel
we " scream
AM morn comes the demand knocking astig Itrite my
move are -e
ether ls a wytn somewhere
razor -
st myseld( )
all the way anode
parterres have no we an
we now
see a wytn now
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