It was a ghrost. Semi-scary, not the creepiest, but I like it.. Okay, here' s a story. Must got my first personal .22 rifle, all mine, super proud is Little bol It was a ghrost Semi-scary not the creepiest but I like it Okay here' s story Must got my first personal 22 rifle all mine super proud is Little bol
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It was a ghrost

It was a ghrost. Semi-scary, not the creepiest, but I like it.. Okay, here' s a story. Must got my first personal .22 rifle, all mine, super proud is Little bol

Semi-scary, not the creepiest, but I like it.

Okay, here' s a story.
Must got my first personal .22 rifle, all mine, super proud
is Little bolt thing, super accurate, loved it
a family friend who owns property like IO min drive our house
bills this property is an old house
by homesteaders around 100 years ago, falling apart
Wright next to it is a creek and a field
used to camp on the far side sothe field all the time, also would sheet using creek as a berm
Milne day I decide I want to go camping
out there with my -22. a box of ammo and normal camping kit
Souper excited, sheet like 200 rounds at cans and shit the trash hole nearby (in the We someone lived on the property in a trailer and in this sinkhole type thing}
Retarted getting dark, built a fire and busted out the harmonica to practice
Eel was terrible at it but it kept my mind busy whilst relaxed
Spuddenly something isn' t right, I feel like I' m being watched
on neck is raised, heart elevated
mind starts racing, imagining things unseen out there
Splotching rifle and flashlight scanning the field and trees for movement, shadows playing tricks on my mind and I' m shitting bricks
Spoonless night, gaddamnit I want to gs home now
I' d brought a tent at least to hide inside, it was summer in Texas and was too hot but I wanted that security now
Retarted building fire bigger
a torch of sorts with a stick and a torn I' d brought along with thoughts of making some sort of camouflage for my rifle
Xdarkness is giving up no secrets but I can definitely hear something out there walking around
t want to shoot because sometimes csis wander onto the property
mmaybe coyster. they' re comman out here
mot no, not in this particular area, too many farmers and rednecks hunt them, they avoid it
chesus christ I think I hear breathing
kit' s kind of circling me, getting closer
Char limit, 1/ 2
missing pants bath's point, wishing I had something big bore
tthis was before cellphones were inexpensive, I didn' t have one
midst told my parents I was going camping and where
Ggreat, so they' ll just find my grisly remnants tomorrow morning after I don' t come home
buckets and running out . fire dying
running for it but the woodsman in me wouldn' t leave the fire, it was too dry out there
suddenly I hear a deep echoing bark kind sofar off
tthe thing circling me stops for a second
ea long pause and then another bark, closer, and the thing takes effin the direction away me and the bark
van enormous white fluffy dog comes trotting out sothe treeline
has a collar on that says "Snowman"
Xsnowman and I chill out for a few hours, only once he turns his head, perks his ears and growls, half barks, and then goes back's normal
totally safe with Snowman there
Essentually fall asleep with the big lug next to me, hot as hell but whogivesafuck
morning Snowman is gone, figure he went home afterthe Thing buggered offeer good
home and scrape the brick dust out of my boxers
Next day
Stalking to property owner
Hell him ifthat night, confirm no cows were out there
Ttention Snowman
looks at me like I' m an asshole
Snowman was my dog, he was killed by a car last year"
bl wat hard and tell him I was serious, Snowman was real, I petted him and got covered in his white hair and everything and he saved my skin whatever out there wanted my nutsack for a coinpurse
doesnt believe me until I dig the shirt out sothe wash and show him the hair all over it, he says it looks just like Snowman' s
Eevery now and then I hear a bark effin the distance whilst camping there and feel warm inside
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