Insomnia- Part One. Re-Uploaded as I forgot to add it to MC. Thanks for the swift replies, guys! Here's part one. I cut it short to avoid tl;dr Prologue: www.fu
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Insomnia- Part One

Re-Uploaded as I forgot to add it to MC.

Thanks for the swift replies, guys! Here's part one. I cut it short to avoid tl;dr


It wasn' t far into the night when I first saw it, to me
anyway. It must have been 11: at the earliest,
surfing the depths of the Internet at this time was a joke.
I hadn' t, however, realized how sleep deprived I was. Not
until I saw those deep, dark eyes peering at me through
the reflection of my computer monitor. That gruesome
face, gnarled in pain. Those eyes. Though I only saw
them for a short moment, the torment they bore seemed
to scream for my help. Begging me just to end this
thing' s suffering as its jaw, unhinged and torn, swayed
softly side to side.
My body swung around to see the creature, whom only a
moment ago, had been lurking over my shoulder.
Prepared to face the demons of the night, I released a
muffled gasp as I came face to face wither- With nothing.
Nothing behind me except my deep blue walls, bright
white door, my television. I chuckled with intense relief,
suddenly feeling the heavy hands of exhaustion weighing
me down. I reasoned to myself that nothing had been
there, simply a hallucination resulting from sleep
deprivation. After all, I hadn' t slept more than mere
hours this month. People hallucinate when lacking sleep,
right? Then that mirror in my monitor, it was nothing,
simply a trick of the mind.
I told myself this repeatedly as I pulled my exhaustion-
heavy body into bed. Nothing was in the room with me,
except possibly a few hidden spiders who had taken
residence. Just before I gave in to the sleep my body
obviously beckoned for, I swore I felt a weight settle itself
on my bed, next to my feet. It had to be nothing, though.
There couldn' t be anything there, I thought as I became
consumed by my peaceful slumber.
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Submitted: 05/24/2012
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User avatar #1 - spikethepony (05/24/2012) [-]
Well, I, for one, think it has potential. But then, this is FJ, a website where ADHD is more of a religion than a dis-
User avatar #3 - jcmonster (05/24/2012) [-]
i don't know why you're getting red thumbs... it's a good start! and personally, i like longer stuff to read (i can get into it more) but i know the rest of fj doesn't feel the same way... anyway, good job and keep it coming!
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