II - Relics. Please Read First: Stories written in chronological order. Highly recommended to read them in order. Names have been changed except for my sister a story ghost horr
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II - Relics

II - Relics. Please Read First: Stories written in chronological order. Highly recommended to read them in order. Names have been changed except for my sister a

Please Read First:
Stories written in chronological order. Highly recommended to read them in order. Names have been changed except for my sister as I do not hang out or speak to just about any of these people anymore, and therefore can't get their permission to use their names. The reasons behind all of them will be mentioned in future stories. This isn't really morbid or scary, but gives you much needed insight into the later stories and events to transpire. Also, don't worry, I have created a Character Map for reference later, so I know exactly who Gregg, John, Bobby, Jimmy, etc are to accurately portray who did what in later stories.

Background Story:
--------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ------

I figure I might as well share a couple personal experiences (sort of) that I've had around here. I live near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which is one of the biggest paranormal hotspots in the United States. I actually, more specifically, live about a 25 minute drive east of there (by the river). But even though we aren't super close to the site where thousands of American Soldiers slaughtered each other - the so called "Seven Gates of Hell" is inbetween and that doesn't help. Especially when you include the fact that hundreds of Native Americans were also massacred just in the woods outside of town.

Moving on, it's a cozy little town, but a very bad place to live for those who have a problem with witnessing paranormal phenomena. We're all in different stages when it comes to that, which is why I think there's a lot of people out there who don't believe in it at all.

ll - Relics
Reading Part I - The Cracked Road My recommended but nol necessary. It gives
essential background informa ion on everyone mentioned below/ in the future that
also a bit longer than the first eary, as I should
probably Sp It It inly two parts, but they piece together too much. A background of
the story and other such things can be aound in the dead
will relieve you of any conlusion. T
A week aller Kate and I broke up, I started seeing another girl. She was Friends with
Kate, but more so with Heather because they grew up together. At the time I first met
her, she was dating my childhood justafriend. Joe and I were still great nds at the
time, but he freaked out on me one day aller Kate and I broke up. well call this girl
Mandy, she had amend who well call Sandy. I went to hang out with Sandy to get my
mind off Kate when Mandy was there. He aound out that I was there and assumed I was
laying to get h Mandy. They broke up, and I have barely talked to Joe since.
Fast forward urt I somewhere around late January, zoos. were all at Gregg‘: house. It
was a Friday ghl, and we were stoked ior another weekend of fun. It was Gregg,
Bobby, John, Craig, Kamal, Mandy and I. Craig was a Friend I met through Mandy. He is
a very short/ fairly hefty dude (5 S", ), so my Friends have fun pic ing on him but
he is the incarnate of cartman, so we all love him to death. were all we hanging out
ha g the time dour lives as usual. My er smashed Craig in the nals with a broken
that we covered in Axe and lit on fire. Good sh.
Anyways, it starts to get dark outside and we havent used the Ouija board much
recenlty. We usually end up getting drunk or too rested/ hyper to do so. While the
others are gelling everything ready (the Board, p ca, candles, and other assorted
is), I go outside to smoke a Darelle with and Kamui.
We bullshit ior a la while and head back n. luck yeah, time to have some fun.
Nothing interesting came of this particular om board event, but we decided to do so
again later on in the night.
Couple hours later, assuming ills about 3 AM, but could have also been midnight. So
long ago that I canal remember simple things like the exact time without memories to
reference them to. We get everything out again and set up shop. Mandy, Craig and
Karly! had passed out already. was drunk, and Mandy/ Kamui had a
an that my sister got/ thirty it was
laced with something). Moving on, the rest of us were all sober at this poing. Just
bad trip irom their high (some pretty ering ma
sipping on some Bacardi Malt that we had lall over irom the previous weekend. It took
a good little while to get a entity to talk to, but eventually we got one that was... well,
much better than the first.
Most of the conversacion we had with the entity was we useless things, but it was also
very smail and seem gly powerful. It even blew out all the candles aller we Fetished
our conversacion with it, which was pretty moving. But, I still am disturbed by some of
the things the entity had told us that nigal. ills normally a cardinal rule, donal talk
about death, the future, or anyrhing like that. But wella never had any wrong doings
come of it, and we had no rhyme or reason to change. About len mingles into the
conversacion my sister woke up and sat next to me to walch.
The entity we talked to, I do nol remember its name. All I remember is it started with
three vowels and ended with "" Something like "Keogh" or "Eaugh". Doesnt make
sense and I remember we looke _ up but never aound anyrhing on something by the
name it gave us. It did accurately predict several things to happen in the future. Two
were w n a time, one was two years later, and another was to happen
over the course of the next five years. The first two were (being that it was near the
time of the super bowl, obviously we were go g to go there) that the Patriots would
lose in the Retal mingles and that my cousin in the marines would get shot a moneh
later (he lived, but looking back that was a stupid question to ask).
The one that was to happen two years later, was that amend of one of ours would die
two years later in the room directly below us (it was a truestory split apartment, we
also dirndl ask anyrhing like that, it Rat out told us). Then the Retal one was that all of
us would gradually lose our friendships and split ways in 5 years (it is true, I only talk to
Craig, but rarely see him anymore). From what I underhand, Craig and I are the only
ones that talk out entire group onabout 12 Friends. The reasons ior the s _
between us is mostly my fault, as well as Karyl's, and will gradually be explained n the
stories to come.
The Friend of mine that ed will be a story ior another time as well, I posted it to
paranormal] if anyone is interesed in a shortened version of the story of what
happened. However, as I ma inned earlier, it blew out all the candles in the room and
lall us in the dark aller it abruptly said goodbye. That would be my sisters fault, as she
rudely asked it why we should believe it when she wasn't even lauching the moving
piece. Her bitchy lone probably pissed it off. Aller that we decided to go
back to sleep. Nothing really happened ior the rest nigal. I drug Craig outside to
smoke a cigarette with my sister and I again, and only heard a couple knocking sounds
on the sides apartment. He said he heard faint w pars in the wind, but he was
drunk so I still discount that to this day. He still claims it to have really happened. Dont
know, it doesn't really matter.
Now, we fast forward a week. Craig had invi ed Mandy and I over to his house, sol
anviled my sister along as well. Didnt even have to bother lolling m, he still has the
hots ior her lloll this day (he even only dates redheads I a her, w ich is kind ).
Anyways, his is usually away ior business on the weekends, and I stopped
going over to Gregg‘: as much to go over to his house indead. Gregg lived with his
Mom, Dad and sister. No spare rooms to do adult things girlfriends, but Craig was
always home alone when his Dad was gone... so, catching. Earlier that night, bedore I
even went over to his place, he had given me a call out of nowhere that pretty much
set all of these eeriest " in milion along with the previous weekends
in the woods below the lawn, by the river, laurels a lol of Na a American ruins both
still ean lg and bu d below the ground. ills closer to a nearby that' s
called chic eels Rock by the locals, but you can still find stuff closer to the lawn if you
look hard enough. Some local asshole, ilm assum g ls someone who dirndl like us and
wanted to play a prank (never aound out who I it), deci ed to go down there and
sts". Whoever it took one of the items, an old
and placed it on his porch. It also smelled like piss, so ilm pretty sure I
dig up and desecrate various lla
donal even have to men on what probably happened there. Cr "
happens to be of Native American descend, by the way, and It s fairly obvious.
Fast forward a couple hours aller he finds it, Mandy, Karly! and I arrive at his house.
We talk about it a little bit, and try to figure out who did this, and why. Pretty much
draw a blank, we know a lol of assholes, but canal point a finger towards anyone
whold stoop that low Aller a little while and a couple beers, Craig and I decide to go
er stay at his house (they were making
and doing other things that dirndl inlarge us). The night was pretty deathly cold, and
the was horribly dry. We walked across lawn, cigarillos like we
donal give a damn. Head down the hill towards front street once we reach the edge of
lawn, and we start to walk back towards his house which was about holloway across
We eventually get downhill irom his house and decide to sil down on a park bench
that is lacing the woods/ river ( h was to our lall as we walked). Most of our walk
was a pain in the ass, as the winters here tend to be really windy on top
oppressive cold About a block bedore we sat down, the air calmed down and stopped
dead, but we nll t _ k any! _ g of it - we were graceful. We were _ _ g there ior a
couple mingles, I was smoking a cigarette while cartman- carnage was catching his
breath. It was very relaxing ior a couple mingles there.
Suddenly, as we were about mi " about random shit, I hush him real quick
because I could hear a sound slowly pouring out darkness. Without the wind
and insects, it was dead silent and I couldn't even hear anyrhing walk across the tracks
irom the woods. But I heard this noise and It immediately made my hair edge.
ever seen the movie Darkness Falls, then take the sound witch/ tooth
fairy and mix It with a growling sound of a dog. It got rapidly louder, and couldn't see
jack shit because when this lawn is dark - s lucking dark. Craig and medically bolt
once the sound gets to a level so audible there was no doubt we were hearing it.
I keep lolling mysefl nol to look back, but like the forbidden fruit, I canal help but do
so. I caught a slight glimpse of red eyes, bedore whatever it was swiftly larned and
retreated into the woods. ilm amazed that Craig made it there bedore me, as ilm more
anglelic than him, but once we climb up the of is house to go inside, my
memory gets way. T because, ior whatever reason, my skin got pale and I passed
out on the lichen floor (first room inside the door). Then I start to come to, and I do
still remember Mandy holding me and keeping me warm while I laid on the kitchen
Kama is completely smashed, because she brought over her bottle of Bacardi 151 and
is completely obi us while Craig hits on her with some worst pickup lines alve
ever heard. But, shortly , I was able to regain some of my
strength and walk back into the g room. Aller Craig had given up, he called the
rest of our Friends up to explain what had happened, and we all took a couple shots of
my sisters rum bedore they arrived. They all had to walk, so it took them a la w ,
but I was feeling much better and started to peer out the kitchen window towards the
woods. I decide to go back outside and ills nol long until everybody shows up. It was
the usuals, Gregg, John, and Bobby plus another Friend flours, Jimmy, who hannel been
around and was skeptical oldham wella seen/ done in the previous monehs. Another
Friend, islamic guy Gregg knew, Rob, was also there.
We all decided to take another iroll around lawn, minus my girl iend, who stayed
behind and cleaned to her crappy stuff. We walked down the street a we
ways, and back to craigus house. We ed to walk past it to the corner, and head
down the hill towards the park. This is the same park that Craig and I were sitting at
we a we while ago. The alleyway between the house and the park has a street gin. I
accually took a good look at them today during the daylight and no _ d they' re
accually about 3 stories tall we feet) as opposed to the feet I thought t was in the
paranormal] of this eary. Anyways, I personally dirndl see anyrhing at
this point, but somehow my drunk sister did. She begged ior us all to stop and
everyone did excape ior Jimmy and i, who still couldn't see anyrhing. We get a couple
feet closer to the pole and simultaneously stop about " feet away when we itally
noticed it.
The effigy behind the pole was pure black, and looked like it had no discernable bodily
features, much like an apear ion. Except ior, unlike normally perceived apparitions, it
was defnitely a completely sol being. At this point, see gly nobody wanted to
move and we all we stared at it ior what seemed like about 15 seconds. The sound
Craig and I heard at the park comes back once again as the red eyes of the effigy
become inara _ gly b _ haer and more discernable irom the darkness. They' re the kind
of eyes that pray ally stare through your soul; they' re like a laser shoo g through
your body. As the noise gets louder and the eyes grow larger, likely about golfball size
at this point, the once roughly 2 foot effigy starts growing, morp ing, and latching
onlo the . ills scratch/ growl now starts to make my eyes
tear uncontrollably. Not like crying, more like your soul pouring out with fear.
ills voice is almost unexplainably loud as my senses start to come back; ills about
feet tall now. I itally decide to turn around and run but temporarily freeze right in my
tracks. I was expelling to turn around and see everyone running, but everyone was
already gone. Apparenlty I was in such a France that I dirndl hear anybody run, nor did
Heel my sister try to drag me away bedore she gave up and ran ior harnell. Anyhow, I
a to start running back and take a quick look over my shoulder at the creature as
ilm running. I could barely see the effigy as it looked to have reached the top
street lamp and started morphing with the lighs. My eyes were so Rlled with tears I
could barely comprehend what I saw at that point; I almost tripped as I ran back to
craigus house.
When I went back inside the house, nobody was lolking. My sister and girflriend ran
g in
silence, passing around bottle of rum. She had a whole handle of , and It was
over to hug me; they were glad to see I made it back. Everyone else was s
hall gone in seemingly five mingles. We all we stayed in the house the whole
cigarette smokers could smoke inside, thank Emil). Eventually we started lolking but
by that p
all woke up and dirndl say much. We were all pretty hungover. Famed the next day
Iwas drunk and donal remember much after that. The next moi
and I think Rob was the only person who went back home on Saturday. The rest of us
ide all night playing games and y _ g. We _ nll talk about what we saw
ior a couple weeks afterwards.
Tryiong to deci a which eary chronologically Ms with the first two in order. I have to
do some dig lg with my brain to Rt things togetherness right. only decided to start
lolking about these experience the day bedore last. Some future ones you have to look
forward to: The Man Water, The Aryan Priest and my Grandmother, The Black
Fog, Northstar/ Lucifer/ Various Stories from the Blue Note Motel, Blackout Drunk
Possession, and quite a few others.-
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