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I thought this dude was fake 0.0

Most of you guys know the Gif with the bedroom where this weird thing comes up in the middle..... well he was real
(he died a couple of years ago as far as i know) but he was real.
Found another vid of him ----> /watch?v=PDlG6UyxH5w&feature=related

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Submitted: 12/23/2011
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#2 - unify (12/24/2011) [-]
I'm sorry.
I feel bad but my brain was screaming. HE LOOKS LIKE THAT OWL I HAVE A PICTURE OF.
#6 - tarkin (12/24/2011) [-]
I want to laugh... but I know that if I do, I'm going straight to hell.
#7 - Ken M (12/24/2011) [-]
he has progeria.
#4 - xsauce (12/24/2011) [-]
I loved this little guy.
I loved this little guy.
#1 - Ken M (12/23/2011) [-]
I got a feel.
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