Guide to the Unknown 5. If I said I'd take your submission, but it's not in here yet, it will be in a different Guide. Part 4 -
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Guide to the Unknown 5

If I said I'd take your submission, but it's not in here yet, it will be in a different Guide.
Part 4 -
Cryptids - ...more »

If I said I'd take your submission, but it's not in here yet, it will be in a different Guide.
Part 4 -
Cryptids -
Part 3 -
Part 2 -
Part 1 -

Have a nice new year.

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Mld, R'n hliib ru gsv mvcg lmv gzpvh ulivevi, gll. R dzmg blf tfbh gl pmld gsvhv gzpv z olmt grnv gl nzpv, zmw gsrh grnv R'n mlg nzprmt zmb kilnrhvh.

Rn xzftsg ztzrm rm gsv nbhgvib
Blf'iv yb nb hrwv, yfg ziv blf hgroo drgs nv?
Gsv zmhdvih hlnvdsviv wvvk rm rg, R'n hliib yfg blfi uvvormt rg.

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Submitted: 12/27/2013
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#162 - blobboy (12/28/2013) [+] (20 replies)
stickied by blobboy
User avatar #154 - drulludanni ONLINE (12/28/2013) [+] (17 replies)
stickied by blobboy
for those who want to know what the text in the description says it says :

OP here. Yeah, no hard to crack cryptic cipher this time, as nothing really creepy has happened within the past week or so. Anyways, I'd rather tell the story of how these Guides came to be, if you don't mind.
Somehow I ran into the Solway Firth Spaceman on the internet. I loved it. I always had some sort of fascination with things that can't be explained (way better than silly urban legends). Hell, everyday I go for a walk too just to see if anything cool will happen that I could investigate. Needless to say, nothing ever does, and it takes me a minute to remember that life is boring. But with all the odd unknown things that happen on this earth it gives me little hope that something interesting may occur. So I continued my research only to find that most "unknown and unexplained" things have to do with ******* and ghosts, both of which are really not that interesting. I got stuck for a while after part two, as new information was rare to find. I managed to pull it together and make a third, but after that it was impossible to continue. Every link I found was already barren of new information, so I started anew. The next Guide was all about cryptids, weird monsters/animal sightings. I really liked it, but it didn't really get very far. Then came Guide Four, that got to the front page, but was a late bloomer, so it only stayed there for about an hour.

And then I guess I just stopped.

I thought I had everything together, but I guess I didn't. It took me forever to make this one and I had to break a bunch of promises (I'm sorry scoobi and yorker, I really am) . But I pulled it together, and made this.
Now, I'm sorry if the next one takes forever, too. I want you guys to know these take a long time to make, and this time I'm not making any promises.

Im caught again in the mystery
You're by my side, but are you still with me?
The answers somewhere deep in it, I'm sorry but your feeling it.
User avatar #1 - bowmasta (12/27/2013) [+] (6 replies)
stickied by blobboy
You got the date wrong on Frederick Valentich.

October 21st 1978 not 1906.

Cessna wasn't around until way after WWI.
#282 - tzenimpotsi has deleted their comment [-]
#283 to #282 - tzenimpotsi has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #284 to #283 - blobboy (01/14/2014) [-]
What exactly are you trying to do?
I know the anne.jpg site already.
#285 to #284 - tzenimpotsi has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #286 to #285 - blobboy (01/14/2014) [-]
I would love to see it but it doesn't work.
#287 to #286 - tzenimpotsi has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #288 to #287 - blobboy (01/14/2014) [-]
What like was the example, I'm confused.
#289 to #288 - tzenimpotsi has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #272 - hokeymon (12/31/2013) [-]
That giant acorn at the kecksburg incident looks like a giant piece of **** . So that's what the government is sending to space.
#267 - solarknight (12/31/2013) [-]
Green? sunless land? MORLOCKS!
User avatar #259 - comicsjoey **User deleted account** (12/31/2013) [-]
Excuse me as I correct you on the matter of the Children of Woolpit.

The boy didn't die after being baptised, as it was no demonical creature, nor a Musulman.
He died after a time because he would not eat anything.

After he died, desperate, the population ofered ALL kinds of food to the girl, in various forms, thus discovering that she only ate raw beans.

Also, the girl describe the land where she came from as a place with an ''Eternal Sun'', and on further investigation in the glorious internet, we can deduce that it was a land where the sun never moved, and life had developed in the Twilight area.

Your welcom OP
User avatar #280 to #259 - unicornmangina (01/04/2014) [-]
they wouldn't eat anything unless it was green one of the carers of the children discovered this after making them both numerous meals for them and discorvered that they wouldn't touch them

the girl grew up to marry somebody from Kings Lynn and she did eventually learnt o speak enlgih

some people believe that the childrens language was not a language at all but a very thick English/Yorkshire accent

the girl said that they had grown up in a place named st martins and that they were out picking berries in the woods one day and fell into a pit and ended up where they did
User avatar #260 to #259 - blobboy (12/31/2013) [-]
Oh ok sorry
User avatar #261 to #260 - comicsjoey **User deleted account** (12/31/2013) [-]
np, i had a long summer in which the only magazine I had was the typical Mistery Magazine, and the matter was discussed
User avatar #255 - allidoisfapfapfap (12/31/2013) [-]
During the whole era of the UFO scares, the U.S. was working on making a flying saucer type thing, first using a giant fan which didn't work. At the same time however, Germany was working on something similar, except they got theirs to fly and theirs, instead of saucer shaped, was acorn shaped some of these even bore a ******** on two sides of it. Possible explanation for your Kecksburg Incident.
User avatar #256 to #255 - allidoisfapfapfap (12/31/2013) [-]
More info: Specifically, it's named the "Die Glocke" and it's meant to be bell shaped, not acorn shaped, though it could be easily mistaken.
User avatar #252 - antisocialtwilight (12/31/2013) [-]
For the Frederick Valentich one, how he said that is wasn't an aircraft: of course it wasn't an aircraft. Weather balloons don't count as aircraft.
User avatar #253 to #252 - blobboy (12/31/2013) [-]
...but it had lights.
User avatar #254 to #253 - antisocialtwilight (12/31/2013) [-]
Weather balloons may or may not have lights. Think about it, it was in the sky yet it wasn't an aircraft, and it had lights so it wasn't a bird. It's clearly just a weather balloon and there's no point in discussing any further about it.
User avatar #251 - inanimateobject (12/29/2013) [-]
**inanimateobject rolled user vincento ** I love you. <3
User avatar #217 - kebabman (12/28/2013) [-]
Is the slightly darker text above the part six sign
Someone that can be arse, decipher this **** and I shall give them either a shiny penny, or a dick pic
User avatar #222 to #217 - blobboy (12/28/2013) [-]
It's been deciphered somewhere in these comments.
User avatar #225 to #222 - kebabman (12/28/2013) [-]
Ah, I was unaware good sir
User avatar #216 - metalguitarest (12/28/2013) [-]
Annabelle the doll is possessed by a demon not a human spirit
User avatar #212 - dartharc (12/28/2013) [-]
The Annabelle Doll one is in the film The Conjuring.
#200 - lolsrsslybro has deleted their comment [-]
#199 - onemoreminute (12/28/2013) [-]
very creppy 666/10
User avatar #195 - fukkenname (12/28/2013) [-]
Do Robert the doll next
#193 - lildo ONLINE (12/28/2013) [-]
The woolpit childrens are not casuals.
#192 - dross (12/28/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#190 - anonymous (12/28/2013) [-]
Do a bit of research on tulpas, OP, and see if that's your thing.  I think it's a pretty neat concept.
Do a bit of research on tulpas, OP, and see if that's your thing. I think it's a pretty neat concept.
#186 - anonymous (12/28/2013) [-]
The Bell in Pennsylvania was not in 1965, that was like 1936 lol
User avatar #226 to #189 - blobboy (12/28/2013) [-]
Wow I'm right this is new.
#210 to #207 - chexlemeneux (12/28/2013) [-]
Holy 						****					. I didn't even notice that.    
Holy **** . I didn't even notice that.
#213 to #210 - deceptiousuproar (12/28/2013) [-]
No problem :o)
No problem :o)
#182 - chexlemeneux (12/28/2013) [-]
I have an interesting theory on the Kecksburg Incident. I think its a NASA Apollo ship capsule from a secret test launch. They say that it was "acorn shape" and most people who saw it agree that it looks like this (see picture). I will post a reply with a picture of the Apollo 13 return capsule.
User avatar #233 to #232 - chexlemeneux (12/29/2013) [-]
User avatar #244 to #233 - gayobliteratorhere (12/29/2013) [-]
You brought me this way
#183 to #182 - chexlemeneux (12/28/2013) [-]
This is the Apollo 13 return capsule.
#175 - shabalaguy (12/28/2013) [-]
They had the fever.
#211 to #175 - joelgrosso (12/28/2013) [-]
the party never ends
#174 - hockeybrown ONLINE (12/28/2013) [-]
The children of Woolpit were just from dayz.
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