Go to sleep. [MC]. That's what they want.. You Wust trust We. I have ene piece of advice and yeu it without question. you Wust step reading this and straight to
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Go to sleep. [MC]

That's what they want.

You Wust trust We. I have ene piece of advice and yeu it without question. you Wust step
reading this and straight to the last paragraph. Do without reading any other paragraphs. and
do it new. Please ... trust We.
What happens next is entirely ',. You failed the test and new youve in danger. I didn' t write
this. They Wade We write it. It' s fingers en the keyboard. that' s all. and yew eyes en these "wards.
Whatever happens. do net leer. away trom these 'werds. Keep reading until It'll yeu otherwise. And
when It'll you otherwise. do exactly as I say. For if yeu do net read this e; -cattily hew It'll yeu to. yeu
will die. Listen carefully. First. yeu Wust skip the paragraph that feller's this ene. Alcatel. -er yeu tie.
you Wust never read the paragraph ' wing this ene. ‘lieu Wust ignore it . casting yew
eyes dawn to the paragraph that felled. -s it. Promise We. Forthe sake of these you held dear. This is
yew only chance to redeem l, -ourself for net trusting We earlier. Skip the paragraph fallowing this
ene. and do new.
The Forbidden Paragraph. You had to do it. didn' t yeu. They mew yeu weild. Nothing yeu do new
will Waite any difference. If there are people you Wye. call them. Tell them "whatever people tell their
leafed mes when they mew they' re aboutit die. Settle any scares. Make arrangements.
For from this Werent en. you will stay alive only as long as yeu can stay foretaste. The rte: -attire yeu
fall asleep will be yew last. They' re "watching you. They' re listening to noirthoughts. They' ll wait for
yeu. And when yeu fall asleep. they' ll cece tor you. You should have trusted We.
If yeu skipped the paragraph above. yeu' ye done "well. But 1/ are net . For placing
in We at the secend asking. you have given yourself a chance to Inne. This is what yeu
need to . They' re "watching you. They' re listening to noirthoughts. They' re "waiting fer yeu to
make a Distaste. P/ hen yeu tie. they' ll cece for yeu. To stay alive you Wust draw bleed. Today.
and eyery day. You Wust draw bleed tran you let' s. A drep. that' s all. and place
it en . That' s "what they want. That' s what they need. They' re inside yeu right new. And
they' re waiting. If between waiting up and falling asleep you fail to bleed of a med ene.
yeu will never waive up again. Feller this americe. And never. merger back and read the forbidden
paragraph. Trust We.
If you ' wed Wwy advice in the first paragraph. "well done. You can step reading new. But he-. -er.
m? ver be tempted to seine back and read the paragraphs you skipped. You Wust trust We. And
please. wish We luck. I' M tired. So tired. yeu just can' t imagine...
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Submitted: 05/15/2012
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#1 - phlox (05/15/2012) [-]
Read the whole think, took a nap, still here xP
User avatar #2 - elf (05/16/2012) [-]
Another sleepless night on the morbid chanel
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