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#123 - damphyr
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Ok so I am by no means a ballistics expert, but I have fired more than my fair share of guns in my time, at a myriad of targets, ranging from paper bull's eyes to sides of ham ( we were bored as kids...don't ask), and there are a few things about this gif that lead me to believe that it is real.
Even though the video quality isn't that great if you are looking closely you can make out where the victims right breast actually moves (rather violently) immediately following the first shot. Continuing with that line of thought if you watch her hair when he empties the clip into her head, her hair actually moves in response to the impact of the rounds. This latter effect CAN be achieved with an air pistol firing at close range with no ammunition, but that does not explain the first impact.
Now to combat the nay-sayer's, first we will tackle the "not real because of no through and through" theory. The gun in the man's hand looks to be no larger than a .32, and these guns simply don't have the power to put a round through a human body, especially if they are hollow point rounds, no though shot, no blood spatter so that actually kills two theories in one, and there is no cast off because contrary to television, the human body does not gush blood when punctured, if it did you would die from a splinter...moving on.
Next and lastly ( because I am nearing the character limit) the people who are saying "the force isn't strong enough to knock her down" Have you ever been shot? People fall when getting punched in the gut, I cant imagine having the strength to stand after taking two rounds to the abdomen, let alone the volley of rounds that finished her off.
As I said I am no expert, but going from my own experience and simple logic (I know it's a rare thing here) I am convinced that what I just saw was a cold blooded murder.
That being said....what the **** man?
So that everyone will feel better....here's a cute bunny.