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#24 - anonymous (08/23/2012) [-]
ya the police are doing their job but for the wrong reason, riot police are for when people RIOT not protest, yet everytime a group of people peacefully protest those baffoons who are "just doing their job" come and pepper spray them and beat them, then the protesters become rioters, if the police never showed up, the protesters wouldn't have anything to riot about and the whole thing would've never escalated to that. But people need to realize if they are gonna peacefully protest legally and cops come out of nowhere and silence their right of free speech, they have to retaliate because the government and the cops they hired aren't giving them their rights, and if they don't retaliate and continue to believe it's a peaceful protest after the police start beating you and preventing you to do what you gotta do, then you become and ignorant sheep and let the government walk all over you. That's why i'm pro for the riots in europe because they aren't pussy protesters like the americans, they actually get a message across and burn cops alive with molotovs instead of the americans who get rounded up like sheep by their police
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