Dream. 100% OC, 100% true. My best guess is I was sleepwalking, although as far as I know I've never done it before.. Last nighto had what was prabably the mm I
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Dream. 100% OC, 100% true. My best guess is I was sleepwalking, although as far as I know I've never done it before.. Last nighto had what was prabably the mm I

100% OC, 100% true. My best guess is I was sleepwalking, although as far as I know I've never done it before.

Last nighto had what was prabably the mm I' ever had. I woke up and uneasy abaut
something, although I did mt know why. I realised my bed rknm light was on [I Forget to turn it off sometimes when ltes
to hed), san Iant out of bed and sh off the light. As Iwas walking hack to my bed I was with rror
beyond anything I' d ever experienced. Before Icould react, myself being shoved from behind...
up in bed with a start. I Oinked annu my rknm For my dag, san I could cuddle up next to heres I usually do after a
nightmare. She wasn' t in my rknm, but feeling too afraid to be on my own, England find he r. As Chalked out
of my rknm and into the dark hallway, the feeling of uneasiness started growing. I suddenly felt taking
down that hallway would be extre maly dang mus, san I turned annu and ran hack to my rknm. As an as I entered my
rknm I felt myself being shoved from behind. I put my arm out to stop my fall, and my wrist twisted painfully
underneath me as I hit the genu .
Taenke on my bed rknm floor. My heart was racing and Iwas breathing healthily. I was lying in exactly the positing I had
dreamed had landed in. I began to wonder ifl really was awake, or ifl was trapped in hell stuck on re peat.
myself clase to tears as I realised it wasn' t overeat. I mt up off the floor, but did not to face my bed rknm door. I
knew in a mame it would enter my rknm again and attack me, and I was determined hovind out once and For all if this
was really hap n i .
with fear, and I knew it had come. I turned to face it, and it charged at me. All law was a black figu re
from the my eye befire it was on my hack, tackling me to the genu . I Fought nastay standing, and
desperately reached my hand out to steady myself on my dressy r. I felt my hand hit the dresser hard befire sliding off,
and I managed to catch a glimpse N myself in the mirandas I fell. {in my hack was a large black create re with an almost
human face, but distorted with hatred and rage. I landed face first on my bed rknm floor, with the creature still on my
hack. its knees digging into the hack N my legs, trying to keep me from struggling. its hands pressing on me
hardstand harde r, crushing my lungs until Icould mt breathe. Fearing I would an be dead, I tried calling out to my
pare nts For help, but I could not make a mu without being able to breathe. In one last desperate attempt to rorive, I
used all my are nath to lift myself up just enough to get one breath N air. Feeling angry now, I used my one breath N air
tyrell at the creature, "STEP."
The peered from my hack. I lay froze n, face down on my bed rknm floor, wande ring what it was tyring to do
to me next. Afterr mame N nothing but sile NEE, I rolled overdo face my attacker. It was 'H' IE. Assayed on the Mora
while, fearing that ifl stood up it would attack me again. After what felt like an ete raity nowacking in fear, Ithought to
call out to my dag again. I heard move me on my bed, and I Oinked up to see my dag' s face pee ring down at me. I
jumped up and immediately crawled into bed with he r. Ispe the rest ofthe night cradling my sare wrist and massaging
the hacks N my legs, which we re For reasen, 1. -erasure.
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User avatar #1 - dartharc (07/18/2013) [-]
It was your dog
User avatar #5 - xern (07/20/2013) [-]
I had a similar dream, but instead of being pushed over by the thing, I saw it through "his" eyes and I were pushing myself, and squeezed myself into the floor
User avatar #3 - virginmaker (07/19/2013) [-]
At first, I thought that your dog might have tried humping you. But you said the dog is a 'she'.

I don't like it when my dreams seem to restart.
User avatar #4 to #3 - turtley (07/19/2013) [-]
Also my dog is a pomeranian. Not quite big enough to knock me to the ground.
#2 - anon (07/18/2013) [-]
It was your shadow on crack
#6 - damoclese (07/24/2013) [-]
Well it sounded like ******* , but then you told it to stop, and I'm pretty sure that they don't stop.
User avatar #7 - mydogizmexican (08/13/2013) [-]
hold up hold up
i didnt read much of this but when you face unseen entities you feel an unknown pressure and a very strong pressure on your emotions/feeling you want to cry too?
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