Creepy wall. Creepy wall copypasta. worth the read. I Anonymous } : I once did a game based off of the infamous creepy wall campaign (you can find it on suptg)  creepy Wall DnD
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Creepy wall

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Creepy wall. Creepy wall copypasta. worth the read. I Anonymous } : I once did a game based off of the infamous creepy wall campaign (you can find it on suptg)

Creepy wall copypasta. worth the read

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I Anonymous } :
I once did a game based off of the infamous creepy wall campaign (you can find it on suptg) The main difference was that the players all had amnesia. They
remembered stuff like their names, their lives, men becoming soldiers and getting stationed on the wall. But everything after getting stationed is blank. They are
now up on the wall, with no idea why, and no idea how to levye. The first day of the campaign keeps looping dyer and dyer again, but without much going en. A few
animals run by ene side of the wall, seme sounds coming from a nearby forest. The day after the players noticed that the same day was looping dyer and dyer again
they find a chest in their sleeping quarters. Inside is a diary, writen by all of them, but they have no memory of it, and at first it has no usefull info (doesny mention
what side the players belong to, why they are on the wall, ) and isjust a journal with day to day info of whats been going on, from each players point of view.
Players go outside and there is a corpse on the ground (at the base of the wall, the players can' t reach it). The only thing the players can tell is that its wearing the
same uniform as them and its legs have been shatterd (one of the players who was a medic was able to determine that its legs where shattered and THEN it was
dropped from the side of the wal)
I Anonymous we M) ) 202 : U,
A few mere days go by, weird stuff happening around them, and the players decide to reread the journal to look for mere clues. In it their is a new entry by the teams
sniper, "Today the Medic smashed my legs and shoved me of the side of the wall. That wasn' t very nice of him. I get the feeling that he might be mad at me for
So the players are freaking out, trying to figure out, why the medic would do that, how the sniper was still there, and how the sniper could write that in the journal if he
was on the ground.
Play continues, different body' s start appearing around the sides of the wall, but none of the old wes disappear. Each time a new entry shows up in the journal,
saying a party member was killed in that EXACT way, by anither party member, but the journal entry' s always suggest that its no big deal, other then being a little
Eventually the players start killing each other, only for the body to show up the next day, completely decayed, and the party member waking up in their bed without a
I Anonymous we M) ) 209 B
So now the players just start ignoring the body' s and decide to get crafty and try to break the cycle of whatever is happening. The first thing they try is not throwing
their murdered party members off the wall but instead placing them in their bed. They kill all kill each other and drag the bed's to the beds, with the last ene killing
himself by slitting epin his threat in his own bed.
The players wake up the next day with all the cuts and bruises from nowerdays replaced with dark red scars. They check the beek. This time their is only
ene entry by each of them, made in their own blood and handwriting saying "Do not disrespect the dead like that again." Not big words written by a shaky hand, it
was perfectly normal writing, it just happened to be made in blood.
I Anonymous we } : 1 9 B
This time the players decide to take a different approach. they still have all the marks on their body and doel want to risk killing each other again. So they get seme
matches from their mam and burn the beek. They then go to sleep, each of them taking shifts watching the others bedy' s. The next day, there is nothing going en.
Absolutley nothing. No body' s on the ground, no markings on their bed's, nothing.
Time isn' t men passing. The players could move about freely but had no idea what to do, so they start going through everything they had. And they epin the chest
they found the journal in. Inside is . Made from human flesh.
The players leave the journal there refusing to touch it (l actually hadn' t planned on this, i thought they would try and read it and inside it would have "You burnt the
wrang beek." written in it) The players then decide they they weren' t going to stand for this shit anymore, they begin climbing down the walls using each other as a
human ladder, then helping the persin abene them dawn.
At this point I am completely derailed and have no idea what to do, so Ijew put the players in centrel. They decide to w into the forest. They wander around for a
while befire the sen gees down, (Having been derailed, both the players and I forgot that time was still stopped) and they decide to rest, again sleeping in shifts.
When they wake up they each have a journal in their arms. Not ene made of flesh like the last we. Just a . Nothing written in it. The characters keep
them, but doel write anything in them. and beggin heading through the jungle again and eventually end up at the wall.
Exept there is something different about it. The wall is intact. It isn' t and crumbling apart. The players decide to "give the wall a second chance." They
head for it and climb up the ladders that are now at the sides.
The next few days w by, nothing much happens Being able to get dawn again they start hunting the deer er rabbits that wander eat of the forest and start eating
better. Everything is wing pretty well and the characters start recording things in the journal, having found no other use fer them, and figuring that having a day to day
list of everything that happened that DOESN' T start talking about hm their dying would be useful.
After a few day' s of everything looking pretty wed, they get a storm. During the storm a belt of lightning strikes the wall destroying a section of it and burning the
ladders. It is now in the same condition as the start of the campaign.
The characters decide that they don' t want to have the whole thing repeat itself and decide to clean up wall, hoping that if they put it inte a better condition then it was
at the start of the campaign. then maybe they can stop any of this from ever happening.
One thing leads to anither and the medic eventually drops a large piece of lumber on the Sniper while he was sleeping, shattering his legs. The medic, realizing
what the hell i was trying to pull, helps lift the soldier up and off the bed to drag him to the medical center, only to have him slip eat of his hands and fall off the side of
the wall on the way there.
The next day the Sniper wakes up in his bed, perfectly fine, and writes in his journal: "Today the Medic smashed my legs and shoved me of the side of the wal That
wasn' t wary nice of him. lget the feeling that he might be mad at me fer something"
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User avatar #3 - cobainsback
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where the hell do i find this game??
#4 to #3 - anon id: 52b639b2
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(04/24/2013) [-]
You make it. With words. Possibly by using the rules from Paranoia.
#5 to #3 - anon id: ff4dad40
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(04/24/2013) [-]
this is a roleplaying campaign. the game master makes a setting for the players, who imagine characters. then the game master tells what the setting is/what is happening/what the players find/see ETC.
the players then say how they react to this.
#1 - anon id: b383a074
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(04/24/2013) [-]
User avatar #2 to #1 - tuckthisphit
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#6 - frysandaburger
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(08/13/2013) [-]
Jesus Christ... how horrifying.
Jesus Christ... how horrifying.
User avatar #7 to #6 - pentol [OP]
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(08/13/2013) [-]
and also awe-inspiring.
pretty good DM-ing.
#8 - septol
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(09/12/2013) [-]