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User avatar #208 - Aiwatcher
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(12/19/2011) [-]
The Xenomorph is an ebony color, and has no eyes.
Pyramid head is only pale on the body, and has no visible eyes.

The reason we're petrified of things that are pale is because we know things that are alive have color in their skin. We prefer things with eyes because we have eyes, and only a handful of creatures seen in daily life don't. We don't like sharp teeth for the same reason we don't like sharp anything. And we don't like elongated faces because it's completely alien to us, and no human has a seriously elongated face, save for Sarah Jessica Parker.

#221 to #208 - fudgenuggets
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(12/19/2011) [-]
what has sarah jessica parker got to do with anything? She's a hoarse, not a human
User avatar #212 to #208 - kikkilinu
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(12/19/2011) [-]
Stoya is pale, but she's hot as ****.