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#20 - superoldbadgertwo
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(07/03/2013) [-]
I remember one dream I had when I was 16, which actually kept me in a paranoid state for a while. It is not shocking as such, but it really had an effect on me for some reason.

I was the same age in my dreams as I was then, 16, doing something, and I would just drop down dead from Cardiac arrest or something. Either way, there was no way to save me. But all that happened after was like an out of body experience, where I could see everything happening, but could not interact with anything. I was invisible, almost like a ghost.

The part that really shocked me was seeing my family in a really bad state, and my parents suffering mental breakdowns. But I could not do anything about it. All I could do was watch them cry and suffer.

During the funeral, I kept trying to re-enter my body, trying to come back to life, and kept being reminded it had been in a Morgue for a couple of months, decrepit and rotted away, knowing nothing now could bring me back to those that I loved. And I just watched everything go by, the sadness in my family's eyes, and their gradual overcoming of the event, and then them forgetting me. All while I am watching this.

Ever since this dream, I have had a fear of dying young. Of course, my health has picked up since, but only because it has stuck in my head for so long.

Morbid channel does not usually bother me. But this reminded me of that dream. It is one of the only things that really messed around with my head. And I have not reacted to a post like I have with this one.
User avatar #32 to #20 - crimhowler
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(07/07/2013) [-]
I had a dream once where I actually woke up believing I avoided death. In the dream, I was laying exactly where I fell asleep to begin with, but I was looking up at a tall man in a black suit, with a pale and skeletal looking face. All he said to me was "You're coming with me."

At first, as he slowly reached to grab me, I couldn't even move, but as he started to pull me up, I somehow struggled some strength and kicked (more like flailed) him off.

I woke up immediately after that.

I had this dream the night after I drank a 4 pack of energy drinks in one sitting. Ever since I get paranoid even drinking 2 Amps
User avatar #21 to #20 - alkerstay [OP]
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(07/03/2013) [-]
That dream sounds really creepy :/ but thanks for you comment

-Stay Lively,