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#22 - watthekilo
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(07/27/2013) [-]
I was in a new house with my parents and most of it was empty. most parts of the house get dark and we needed to put lights in places. i was in a room near the attic. i was putting the light down and saw a skinny man. next thing i know i woke up from the dream and a few minutes later i fell asleep. i found my self in the same place in the same dream but the man want there. i was leaving the house with my friends when from the window i saw the man. it had glowing eyes and long fingers. then the dream fast forwarded to returning to the house. i saw many eyes glowing from the window. the ground below me was rumbling . and my friends began to transform in to the creature. they surrounded me and i started turning into one of the creature. i woke up from the dream and found out that all my room mates were by my bed shaking me to wake up. apparently i was shaking so much that the neighbors came by. It was the weirdest thing ever