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OK, I haven't explained to anyone this, as it's hard to explain, so here goes...
I was walking through my town and i vaguely remember it was sunny, then i heard a scream coming from my local post office. There were about roughly four of the school bullies (I was only seven at the time so I forgot who they were, apart from one) and they were beating up someone which i didn't know. I expected that was the scream of that person. He was blonde with scruffy hair and grey eyes.(Now here comes the weird part) He then opened a portal once I had saved him and through there, was a small, pink cat that looked sort of like this: You need to login to view this link
but without the stripes, had less fur, and with very disturbing black eyes. The cat told me to climb to the top of a rocky stairwell, which i kept on climbing to get to the top.
I met some fascinating people, ones with extra limbs and other parts of the body.
The dream stopped there.