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I have had several dreams but I'm going to give you people two of them. When I was little I was terrified of 'Captain Hook' I remember the last time I had this dream it was when I was about 5 years old but can still remember it till this day. Basically, I was sitting in the kitchen with mum, dad and my grandpa, I hear a loud bang and there was a load of people trying to break in my door. My mother hid me in the closet and I remember being naked but I don't know why. I heard gushing noises and people choking turns out hook slit their throats with his uh you know... Hook. They started to look for me and I heard screaming hook:"Where is she?!" mum: "I don't know!" I climbed out of the closet and sneaked past them. I walked through the kitchen and saw my grandpa's car keys (some how I knew how to drive O_O) I got into his car and started the engine but it wouldn't move. Then he was there, coming for the car and put me in a sack. Ever since that dream it keeps repeating itself.
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My second dream: When my grandpa died I was devastated I lost my best friend. In this dream there was me, my neighbour and some other girl I don't know. We were at Butlins for a weekend I remember them saying "Hey! We should rob a store!" Stupid of me I agreed, as we were getting chased I went into this shallae (a little apartment) no-one lived there or staying there, all there was in this room was a table a wooden chair and a door. The walls were a dirty white and all of a sudden that door opens my grandpa walked out of it and he was blind (In real life he could see perfectly) His eyes where pure white and he kept saying "Help! Help me lisa. Please help me!" He kept saying this but I was too scared to help and started to back away. He pointed his hands out towards me and saying again "help me" as he got closer he started to fade away. His skin was crumbling layer by layer until he got to bones. The further he stepped towards me the more flesh kept burning of him and blood splattered everywhere. When he was all bones nothing more nothing less he said to me "I always love you. Never forget me, and I wont forget you...Beautiful" (Beautiful was my nickname) and after that he disappeared.