Ultimate Funnyjunk Toolbox [Channel skip. 16) Autoplay youtube-videos disabled userscripts.org/scripts/show/103899 install Greasemonkey / tampermonkey before in
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Ultimate Funnyjunk Toolbox [Channel skip

*16) Autoplay youtube-videos disabled
userscripts.org/scripts/show/103899 install Greasemonkey / tampermonkey before installing this script
Creds go to funnyjunk.com/user/chiefwrigley

Ultimate Toolbox
At contains thumbs up/ down, random image - button
and next button
if you click a thumb you will redirected to the next image
it slides on the whole site, so no need to scroll to the top
only show thumbs and shows the rest if you hover the
see the page as it was some years ago
Navigation with these
A Previous
8 Thumbsup
2 Thumbs Down
5 Randomimage
9 Thumbs Up f Next Image
3 Thumbs Down ' Next Image
Your comment
T , 'Tacher/ nate
on rash
remove wordfilter
are a Xclick were to your comment
all normal whitespace (for own meme)
II . top Junk
click on "Edit page to edit
all text to look like a haxxor
i this
yii awn
limit bath: any
EX Girlfriend
click on ,," to login to your preset username
click on ,,[Login]” to login to another username
or enable "Keep me logged in"
the script automatically notifies you if there' s a
new version
dir/ and enable all Functions, set username f ,
edit , etc.
Fat/ km 2
at Position at the may
Set your loomed“:
2 We
F ta
Forever Alone: No annoying social buttons
x channel
pt mm and counterculture "r[ ated. otes
tron dropped acidic: anew
ii.": - We and acceptance
Dione another my back smoke alum and have a
Skips all blocked channels (stop hatin' !)
Channels wont appear in frontpage
I ldptl
s, Funny Pictures
Funny airs x/
H i Tex!/ Links
r ' ts User Rantings Subscribe
Games Channels
Content RENEE.’ Random
It mums;
E Fa' tibe' a rev. nan
blue) = Videos
green) = Gifs
organized menu
smaller toolbar
this is a We
trt" ea .Jla Glkl
Add or subtract the numbers and type the result.
Uses the title for tags
Type the captcha and let it calculate for you
Reload captcha with arrowknee up
reset captcha with arrowknee down
new styr) maet _ e es.
of next post
Finally someone correct), [thumed, rorred'
Adblock: Block all ads
Reloader: dynamic refresh top + newest content list
Thumbgear: visualize the thumbs on content u.
i/ yeti. s an
f 7 t Total
Comments 3
mamas a
nun; portals
Link in description.
Supported browser:
Firefox: )
Chrome: YES (Tampermonkey new
IE: (ND), not tested
Oper ' No), contested
Safari: (NO), not tested
9» yeah, you can thumb your own content, even when logged in
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Favorited: 3
Submitted: 06/04/2012
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User avatar #8 - ratboii (06/04/2012) [-]
Also if anybody cares there is also a radio in this script which you can be the dj for

House is currently being played
User avatar #3 - hxhostile (06/04/2012) [+] (2 replies)
No triforce.
And no thumbing your own content.
User avatar #1 - denonymous (06/04/2012) [+] (1 reply)
this is well thought out and would make the site more easier to use.
this will probably never happen
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