Prison Blues. Pm me, if yoe are interested in joining that server. I'll send you the ip, when it's up.. More about the coming up rpg server: This is the prison,
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Prison Blues

Pm me, if yoe are interested in joining that server.
I'll send you the ip, when it's up.

More about the coming up rpg server:
This is the prison, for people who do bad stuff in the
You get ported there for a set time, but you don' t have
to wait, if someone is there, who could break in and
free you, you are free to go.
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Submitted: 11/10/2012
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User avatar #24 - luckybastard ONLINE (11/11/2012) [-]
place enderman spawners inside them for realistic experience. you have tall black cell mates who get angry when you make eye contact
User avatar #6 - Awesomenessniss (11/11/2012) [-]
Use Iron Gomlem guards = badass level increase.
#14 - GenocideFreak (11/11/2012) [+] (2 replies)
Dude! Are there any tours in there? :D or do i have to do...some...bad..bad...stuff to get in O,O)'
User avatar #16 to #14 - skiskinator (11/11/2012) [-]
I'm thinking rape
User avatar #8 - infinityoverzero (11/11/2012) [-]
i want to shank people, oh and send me ip to do it
User avatar #17 - truelunar (11/11/2012) [+] (1 reply)
unless the prison is protected you can just punch your way out
#7 - anonymous (11/11/2012) [-]
Gentlemen...welcome to Shawshank
User avatar #4 - nalenthi (11/10/2012) [-]
Maybe repeat offenders should be put in tougher and tougher to break out of cells until its impossible.
#3 - Cookiez (11/10/2012) [-]
So if you can break out of prison you're free to go?

User avatar #28 - phantasmalcat (11/11/2012) [+] (4 replies)
You know, this could be a really fun minecraft game. A team of prison mates, a team of jailers, and a team of people breaking the prison mates out. The team breaking in is only able to break blocks, while the fugitives fight the jailers. Then they can take passages through sewers or something.
User avatar #27 - adamsk (11/11/2012) [-]
Definitely interested in the ip :)
User avatar #26 - MonkeyManz (11/11/2012) [-]
send me the ip i only have the funnyjunk server
User avatar #25 - nooc (11/11/2012) [-]
place ghasts outside the compound to give it more of a 'maximum security' feel
User avatar #23 - rzkruspe (11/11/2012) [-]
Deliver us the ip, dude.
#22 - anonymous (11/11/2012) [-]
How do I get the server? help!
User avatar #21 - lemmingonesevenone ONLINE (11/11/2012) [-]
I'd love to join the server, not had a good server to play on in forever
User avatar #15 - illusiveman (11/11/2012) [-]
damn i forgot my golden stars.
User avatar #13 - kurokoda (11/11/2012) [-]
Tis' rather an interesting concept, If you were to escape you could use those vines to escape off a ledge or something
User avatar #10 - theaddviser (11/11/2012) [-]
User avatar #9 - omishwaffle (11/11/2012) [-]
send meh the sauce
#2 - soundestplum (11/10/2012) [-]
I agree, the prison is a really cool idea but you could have some problems with repeat offenders shall we say.
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