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#141 - adimkkassem
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Never played on multiplayer again.

I played online on a server with about 30 other people, but my house was literally 10,000 blocks from spawn and nowhere near where anyone in the server lived, on a massive grassland. I never talked to anyone, and I never met anyone, but I had a sheep named Wooly Wubbles. I dyed him orange so he'd look different from the other sheep, so I knew it was him. I fed him wheat even though I didn't mate him with any other sheep, just because I knew he liked it. Then one day I came online and everyone was complaining about griefers. My house was burned down, everything was destroyed, and my 15 diamonds or so...
...but off in the distance, I saw a glint of orange. Somehow even during the fire, Wooly Wubbles escaped from his pen and got out just in time. It gave me hope. I felt like I hadn't lost everything. So I rebuilt, and I worked, and eventually I had an even bigger, better house. But then... it happened.

I was tending to the other animals, when it started to get dark. I was about to leave, when a spider jumped over the fence and attacked me. In the confusion, I left the gate open and a creeper and a skeleton came into the pen. The skeleton shot at me. I dodged it, and it hit WW. Then the creeper charged me. There was an explosion. When the dust cleared, I saw it. A single piece of orange wool laying on the ground in front of me. I had lost my only companion on the server. I killed more mobs that night than I had ever killed in my life, until the sun came up. Later, I invited everyone to the funeral, but only 3 people came. I placed the orange wool in the ground on a hill, a dirt block on top of it, stacked 2 fence posts, and placed a sign that read

"Here lies Wooly Wubbles. A good sheep."
Then someone on our Skype chat played "Oh Bury Me Not On the Lone Prarie," and they left as the sun was setting.
User avatar #168 to #141 - jaagupnael
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(12/11/2012) [-]
Saddest thing i have read in ages. Thumb for you.
#167 to #141 - thorwald
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(12/09/2012) [-]
You will be missed
#166 to #141 - shinycharizard
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Oh man..
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