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(09/24/2012) [-]
So many opinions im seeing in the comments below lol. Some support, some are completely retarded and have no idea what the **** there saying. Ah funnyjunk you're in fact a very immature and sad place, but i believe getting thumbs is pointless and all the trolls and anons are just barking to the crowd when they have no bite to back it up. I only come here to read and laugh at most of you, not all but most. Some have solid points in there arguments, others need to just stay quiet till they have something smarter to say. I'm one who enjoys the posts about creativity, learning, and yes humor, I've laughed, i've learned, i'm living, Dont got swag cause thats like thumbs not important, dont yell YOLO since everyone who does sounds like a grade A dumbass, And no bro, troll, anon, or whatever you call yourself to sound important i am not mad. Have a nice day.