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Cooking with Phil Anselmo!


_Good Friends & A Bottle of Whiskey Facebook page -www.facebook.com/pages/Good-Friends-and-A-Bottle-Of-Whiskey-Pantera-Tribute-Band/279548348735155?bookmark_t=page
Good Friends & A Bottle of Whiskey is: Allan Godfrey - Guitar,K.D McClellan - Bass,Gray Spengler-Drums, and Joey Siler - Vocals

Pantera owns the rights to all the music. No copyright infringement intended. We love Pantera and this is all in good fun and we hope all fellow Pantera fans enjoy it!
This video is not Monetized and never will be. DOMINATE YOUR KITCHEN!_

- Joey Silver, Youtube.

Views: 724 Submitted: 06/22/2013