Description (Good Guy Murderer). The former LAPD officer has some words to say about society that the news fails to tell us. (This is taken from his manifesto t Dorner murderer Good guy makes you think Awesome

Description (Good Guy Murderer)

The former LAPD officer has some words to say about society that the news fails to tell us.
(This is taken from his manifesto to "America")
(First number is point, next number after period is the line it is in in the manifesto if you want to check it out)

1. 212
"Westboro Baptist Church, may you all burn slowly in a fire, not from smoke inhalation, but from the flames and only the flames"

2. 238
"If you continuously followed me while I was walking at dusk/night I would confront you as well. Too bad Trayvon didn't smash your skull completely open, Zim. While Trayvon's body erodes to bones 6 feet under, Zimmerman has put on no less than 40 pounds while out on bail. Zimmerman was arrested for battery on a Peace officer and avoided jail/prison because he completed a diversion program. Thats a history of being an asshole"

3. 242
"Anonymous, you are hated, vilified, and considered an enemy to the state. I personally view you as a culture and a necessity that brings truth to a cloaked world. Forge ahead!"

4. 248
"It's time to allow gay service member's spouses to utilize the same benefits that all heterosexual dependents are eligible for. Medical, Dental, Tricare, Deers, SGLI, BX, Commissary, Milstar, MWR, etc. Flag officers, lets be honest. You can't really give a valid argument to as why gays shouldn't be eligible as every month a new state enacts laws that allow same sex marriage."

5. 244
"Charlie Sheen, you're effin awesome."

6. 200
"The honorable President George H.W. Bush, they never give you enough credit for your successful Presidency. You were always one of my favorite Presidents (2nd favorite). I hope your health improves greatly. You are the epitome of an American and service to country."

7. 184
"It’s kind of sad I won't be around to view and enjoy The Hangover III. What an awesome trilogy. Todd Phillips, don't make anymore Hangovers after the third, takes away the originality of its foundation. World War Z looks good and The Walking Dead season 3 (second half) looked intriguing. Damn, gonna miss shark week."

8. 176
"Dr. Funahashi, thank you for the superb surgery you performed on my knee on 7/98 in Irvine, CA. I never had the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to live a life free of knee joint pain. Thank you."

Jason Young, great friend, entrepeneur, husband and father. You showed me the importance of fatherhood and friendship. Love you bro.

There is a lot more to read so check it out. Maybe he isnt all that bad?


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#2 - anonymous (02/11/2013) [-]
He's still a murderer and I will be happy when he's rotting in a dirty cell.
#1 - anonymous (02/10/2013) [-]
He also loves the President and the Clintons, loves gun control and hates the NRA.
I could go on...
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