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I know the joke as this:
so a man walks into an ice cream parlor, and said to the the worker at the register "I would like 1 scoop chocolate, one vanilla in a cone with rainbow sprinkles please." The lady said "Im sorry, but were all out of chocolate." The man nods, thinks for a bit, then finally says "In that case, I would like a banana split with one scoop strawberry, one scoop vanilla, and one scoop chocolate please." The lady at the register was confused, and said "im sorry, but we DON'T have any chocolate left." "OH, oh right," says the man thinking again, "then I'll just take a soft serve in a cone, with vanilla and chocolate swirl." The lady is very annoyed at this point. She says "Do you see the 'straw', in strawberry?" "Yes." "And do you see the 'van', in vanilla?" "Yes." says the man. "Do you see the '*****, in chocolate?" says the lady. "Um mam, theres no **** in chocolate." "Exactly" also the first time I heard this joke my friends and I immediately proceeded to order a chocolate frappe an ice cream stand, and the worker told us they had no chocolate, so i did this whole situation, and my friend added the "**** in chocolate" part at the end. the worker was laughing so hard XD