The reason solo que is a living hell. Make solo que fun for once. I shouldn't have to feel like i want to grind my face off when i play ranked. or modifying the Follow the Damn Meta
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The reason solo que is a living hell

The reason solo que is a living hell. Make solo que fun for once. I shouldn't have to feel like i want to grind my face off when i play ranked. or modifying the

Make solo que fun for once. I shouldn't have to feel like i want to grind my face off when i play ranked

or modifying the way in which we queue up. Select your role before It starts
45 searching, and match the players as needed. Say u want to ad c, select it. And it will
match you with players that require an ado Rather than people raging and trolling,
dodging over 10 games in a row.
W - about f If hours ago
This is truly a dream, and a dumb one. sst: People would queue a role then
56 refuse to play that role. End: Queue times would be long as hell. rrd: This
V would enforce the meta, producing a boring game. Go ahead and down vote
me and rage but its the truth
To you people who say "Oh it enforces the meta"...
V There' s a reason we have a meta.
The meta is there so that 5 people, who don' t kn ow each other, who
have almost roughly wmin to communicate, can co me together to get a
team comp together. Having a meta allows you to ensure that if you
follow it, you will have a good team. , a bruiser top, a
bursting AP mid, a High Damage ADC, and a support for map and lane
control as well as extra protection. In solo queue and duo queue, follow
the fucking meta. If you break the meta, that' s 4 people who insta ndly
have to change what they are doing because you want to Lucian Jungle.
Cool, now someone else needs to tank, and someone else needs to
grab some hard CC. Also, the meta demands Lucian to be played AD
because that' s where he excels, and other people do better in the
jungle. There' s a reason for the meta. It' s so that all you have to do is fill
your fucking role and EVERYONE on your team gets rewarded, because
you have a solid team comp.
Can you beat the meta? Of course.
Pros do It all the time.
In Premades.
That' s where you do that shit.
In the place where you can spend hours thin king up a way to break the
meta. Because what a lot of you fucks don' t understand is that the
meta has a reason. It' s a solid team composition. It was designed for
solo/ duo queue so that people wouldn' t instalock the game in lob by
because somebody wanted to go Jungle Fix: and just expect everyone
else to understand how he works.
TLER: The meta has a reason. It' s for Stolet/ Duo queue and the fact that
you literally have almost no time to communicate what everyone is
doing. It wastes time explaining why you think Jungle Fizz is good. You
want to break the meta? Do it in premade 5' s. That' s where it belongs.
E - also tit 9 hours mo
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User avatar #1 - deadadventurer
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(10/30/2013) [-]
I actually like the idea of signing up as roles. As a supp player I would have nonexistant queue times. All the ADCs and mids would get boosted to 5 min queues though.
User avatar #2 to #1 - xjvlezmerised [OP]
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(10/30/2013) [-]
sounds good in theory just like the honorable opponent banners
#8 - hollowrising
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(11/01/2013) [-]
it helps ease the pain of solo que ._.
User avatar #7 - thunderchanter
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(10/31/2013) [-]
I agree with his stance on the meta. Me and my friends are always trying new things when we have premades. We tried mid and jungle lucian, and other people filled the roles that had to be filled. BUt doing that in a solo/duo queue isn't gonna help anybody. As for the "select- a-role" thing, it sounds like a olid idea, I just hope it doesnt take longer time to queue up. Although, who knows, maybe a longer queue time would be worth it for a solid team where no one is going to rage over rolls
#6 - captaincapital
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(10/31/2013) [-]
im pretty sure this is actually coming somewhere in season 4, Team Builder as they call it.
#5 - Ranzel
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(10/30/2013) [-]
I agree with his reasoning, but I don't play to win. As long as there is a good team fight in there somewhere, win or lose, I'm good.
User avatar #3 - DPO
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(10/30/2013) [-]
Riot is implementing something along the lines of this called "Team Builder" you queue up for a role based on the tags they assigned champions. I don't think it's for ranked but normals certainly as it is already on the PBE

User avatar #4 to #3 - fuzzysixx
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(10/30/2013) [-]
Great idea, it works in WoW, as long as people don't lie.