How to get out of elo hell. gg.. i vomitted violently at that build.
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How to get out of elo hell


Tags: ELO | Hell
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Submitted: 01/29/2013
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User avatar #1 - kapane (01/29/2013) [-]
i vomitted violently at that build.
#8 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/30/2013) [+] (3 replies)
Just to bad half of those items aint in the ******* hame anymore
User avatar #2 - datasianpersuasion (01/30/2013) [-]
too bad bloodrazer doesn't exist anymore.
User avatar #16 - gandalfthered (02/10/2013) [-]
or you could play with some friends...
User avatar #15 - Nullifier (02/08/2013) [-]
You should NEVER have a single standard build. Situational is important.

This build is bad anyway. Teemo shouldn't be built as an ADC...Miss fortune SHOULD be built as an ADC. Teemo's W is borderline useless in combat, you're much better off maxing it last.
User avatar #11 - VVafflesForDarwin (01/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
Blood razer isnt in the game any more... -__________-
User avatar #14 to #11 - smarsch (02/06/2013) [-]
i think the new item which is replaced with madreds is blade of the ruined king but it havent got the attack speed =/
User avatar #7 - tehbomb (01/30/2013) [-]
This is the type of **** that makes me want to throw my computer through several things, including OP's head
User avatar #6 - ookamikokoro (01/30/2013) [-]
Too bad this wont work in season 3
#5 - iizsimon (01/30/2013) [-]
>mfw this build
#4 - xxxsonic fanxxx (01/30/2013) [-]
Bloodrazor was not a cost efficient item, the health based damage wasn't enough. just get a Infinity edge instead.
User avatar #3 - applesaucers (01/30/2013) [-]
Except that this build is horrible and backdooring tends to be a terrible idea due tot he fact that turrets take half dmg with no creep in the vicinity.... not to mention the onhit effects that this build revolves around do nothing to turrets
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