Fiora wallpaper/ skin idea. Fiora walks through the streets of her home, The sun resting low over the sky casting Demacia in a soft orange hue. Fiora hummed a s lol story fiora Quinn league of legends wallpaper skin Idea cool letmetouchyourbo
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Fiora wallpaper/ skin idea

Fiora walks through the streets of her home, The sun resting low over the sky casting Demacia in a soft orange hue. Fiora hummed a soft tune to her self. the red strand of hair of hair swayed in and out of her vision as she walked, her left hand currently holding a bouquet of flowers.

meanwhile Quinn sat in her small apartment, Valor was out hunting at the moment and as a result she felt fairly lonely due to the lack of company. that was until a knock come at the door. letting out a sigh Quinn left her drawings and went to answer the door.

her smile dispersing when she saw the duelist. "what do you want Fiora?" her tone was harsh, slight pain evident in her voice. Quinn crossed her arms and stood tall, she was slightly smaller than the other women but her more refined and experienced demeanor made her seem taller, the two had a bit of history and most recent of all was a rather bad break up.

Fiora was blushing slightly, her face a light red hue. "listen, Quinn." Fiora coughed slightly. she was not very good at this sort of thing "look Quinn" Fiora produced the flowers from behind her. "i... i wanted to apologize, im. im sorry. i crossed the line and.... and i." Fiora swallowed deeply amazed at how true her next words were. "Quinn, i. i need you. i love you."

a heavy silence filled the air for a few moments Fiora hated it, she hated the waiting she hated the uncertainty. but she hated not having Quinn in her life more.

it was only a few seconds but to Fiora it felt so much longer, Quinn laughed softly and pulled the french women in for a deep tender kiss. Fiora embraced Quinn returning the kiss with joy. Quinn pulled away slightly.

"apology accepted." Quinn smiled as she walked into her house, her hips swaying softly. "now, come here miss Laurent." Quinn spoke, her voice haven dropped into a husky seductive tone. Fiora smiled and followed her lover inside.

(yer i have no idea why i do these, but i love em. so if you want me to write anything spesifc like a ship or something just ask)

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Submitted: 06/25/2014
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User avatar #7 - kimiz (07/07/2014) [-]
neo assassin fiora seems cool
User avatar #3 - gigzara (06/26/2014) [-]
Dont care about Fiora or Quinn, but a good lesbian fanfic is always appriciated.
User avatar #1 - qwertyuioplkjh (06/26/2014) [+] (4 replies)
lol "hue"
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