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legend of zelda facts

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in 't It is ( although one tittiemilk) to make it mm theegame normal mommy
without l skuid.
an - this game is known as" The Hymie Fajitas _ "lettrs
at The rater when is not the the mute overworld.
are _ name is impair as "Gannon" in this game.
5 _ A Marlin says "It' s a skereton everybody" in this game. A line which is later used in almost
every with gamete renew.
in - This game marks we first time Link speaks in it onion game. He says ''I round st minor f
under the table" while in the town of satin Link later speck's m Wind want
42 7 This is the only game where Link must pine items tithe end time dungeons, rather than
receive important quest items. r
tea e The hearts in this game an replaced with red Squares.
4 - This game minder u man saying "I um ERROR". which has became Very famous among
gama' m.
5 - This game ts the only Zelda who made by Nintendo that uses
1 _ This is the first game to reunite the Muster Sword
2 7 This is the first game to start dungoen themes, such as water and are
3 _ There are it total of 12 dungens in this gone _ the must in any Zelda gaunt: so far( Followers
by Ocarina of Time, which has in
4 _ This is the not game to reminde A family member of Link. Family members are later
featured in wind writer and the Namalsk Cap,
5 e The line "ifs at secret to everybody" hunt the first who is in this glint when
Link brings at chest to a men who stands next to a sign outside who desert. he offers to open
the chest under the erudition that Link will "keep it secret from everyone else".
is 14 - the lawn! saint.
3 - mum: “HELD " at amt: midi Manila play 'vestigial iitthw"
usual an
4- The met ofthis genie is almost identical to the one on Link To The Past,
its an the start dike game you can steal and item from the totst shop. in you
who tooled "THEIF" for the rest or the game. Upon returning to that shop, the shopkeeper will
kill Link.
1 - The names' unite ghosts fought m the forest temple. Jo, Beth, Amy, and Meg, are also those
of the will charcters in Lantern May Alums novel, Little
2 _ The Kokiri, Gowns. Gerudo, Hylians, and sheikah all originated hunter were idead' dud in
as _ The rim three dungeons kick small and big keys. ' re not it on until Forest
in e This is the only Zelda game thus rat in tenure it Temple.
as e A lathe is tirade irl. Erik bribes the guard in the gate castle.
Speaking alter he opens e will result in him saying "KEEP ti A SECRET TO
st _ The Japanese version onto. who has , save slots instead nil. but the feature
to the owl statues is missing
in - This gain» contained the not ' character that teon id be by Link
tween, the their».
3 _ This is also the first game in the series where Tingle Wren's; the divided nu
whether or not this benefited the they games. .
in _ The garlic is frequently mulled for its darker storyline and tone, thus ifs said to have
inspired Twilight Princess.
as _ to Karel in his home behind the shop. he hays
Keep Whaler about it teeter hem everybody" _ A reference to the , ,
an - This is the tiah game to evidence that the zone universe' s main: is actually split into two
mid itt also the Em game in that the character Link, like aw. has
war the .
its - Link yells "come on!" when he calls Morin. Malay, or it statue. This market! The Wind
whet» the only who Zelda game to date in which Link has spoken in actual words until
the release Princess. in which Link can he heard yelling "" or he rides
upon». m Zelda in The or Link, u does say n round 'd mirror under the
mile" at one point. but the lame vel' cial: l used no pronouns and is written in much the
same way its the "You got" speaches Chat is, a
hom Link' s perspective. but not
4 - on the disc oldie American version, the with tends " no
Kaze no Takuto," which is the more in Japan.
its _ The s Mg inspired the omit means seen in
the Nintendo as Zelda genres.
H V Tin it the rust game in which Link appears in mountan rotor shirtless twitch
in learns in wrestle' l.
in - Marry properties ' ' in super Smash Bros Brawl.
including the models , man. and Ganondorf. the Bridge of Elmo stage. music.
ruphies. and stickers.
3 - This is the only Zelda game that. when released. W as available on 2 Nintendo
consoles v and Mi,
4 - This is the very First ' where the Octorok ' res are absent.
its - when in center Cattle: Town, Link can enter a dour no Walk up to a balcony. where it
omit sees the golden route around Hyrule Upstair. He admits that he has kept it "a secret to
eveybody." - a in the my game
1 - Phantom Hourly the first game m the Zelda scrim that does not include any new tools:
all the items haw: in preview's Zelda genres. ,
82 _ Only one item. other than the sword, can he used at a time, mush like the older entries in the
Phantom Hourglass is also the not and enmity only, so Zelda game to not include a
playable integument, unlike its so . V
4 _ Like the in : in the series. i% mmom Hourglass has it maximum ifonly lb heart
containers. its sequel, Spirit Tracks. has this same maximum. 'is
5 - The postman in this game tells you not to than him with ti _ a to (Sift
Animal crossing. when: you can hit the Postman with your to speak to him.
Spirit Tracks
in - Zelda plays it much bigger pun in this game. acting " Link' s partner [A role previously
taken by and multiple ruin a.
2 - The more uses it system to the heat in Phantom Hourglass. but only the min
is limited In certain tracks.
3 - Ont: oldie improvments from Phantom Hourglass wits that you no longer have to go
the entire temple again it) get another map.
an _ Phantoms in this who no longer have eyes on their backs. but skulls instead.
e As with the game and the First genie, it maximum pretty 16 hearts are
in this game.
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User avatar #3 - QuestionMarks
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(03/20/2012) [-]
Twilight Princess adjustment

there is a single Octorok in a pool of lava so that statement is false
User avatar #4 to #3 - wanglebangle
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(03/20/2012) [-]
Aren't you referring to the toadpoli that appear in the beggining of the Goron mines? If not I must have missed it, and if so where exactly is it?
#1 - sinfeeder
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(03/20/2012) [-]
User avatar #7 - jasonfhk
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Untrue about the side scrolling, links awakening has side scrolling when in dungeons and you go down a ladder/stairs
User avatar #8 to #7 - angryberdz
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(08/05/2012) [-]
And technically, in The first Zelda game, dungeons have small hidden rooms where they are portrayed "sideways"
#7 - anon id: c2919add
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wheres minish cap?
#2 - benedicto
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